What Does “Service to Others” Mean To You?

People have to do what is dictated by their hearts, like an act of benevolence or charity, in order to gain fulfillment and satisfaction.

Such acts fall and lie under “service.” Service is a word that has become a very common term due to its usage in everyday life through human history.Personally, service to others possesses various and different faces and folds depending on one’s comprehension and intention. It is not just a mere act of volunteerism; rather it is an act that holds principles and objectives. It is an act of serving and helping for the benefits and welfare of others without asking anything in return. However, the volunteer or the giver needs not to only give rather, he or she has to keep in mind the Biblical passage where Jesus says, “Come, follow me and I will teach you how to fish.”When extending service to others, the volunteer or the giver has to make it a point that the given service and help is hopefully a sustainable one, not short-term. It is also of vital importance that the service has to have an impact to the people being helped out.

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People lend a hand to be able to empower people and to aid, support and help them become self-reliant and not dependent to one’s help.Service to others is also an act of sharing one’s knowledge, skills, wealth and even one’s self to others without looking forward to be given something in return. People expand and extend help and support for several various reasons. Some do it for altruistic actions, for self-gratification and soul fulfillment.

Others do it for civic engagement, nationalism, educational requirements, and developmental and social goals. Whatever reason there is for rendering service for the people especially to the destitute and needy fellowmen, it is essential for the volunteer and giver to offer an act of kindness that comes from his or her heart. Furthermore, whatever help and service that has been given, make sure that it creates an impact for the people so that in return, they will gain not just material resources but also knowledge that will enable them to stand on their own feet and to become independent.

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