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Last updated: February 25, 2019

We may not realize it but the truth is that we are all involved in some sort of service to others in our own little way. Greeting our neighbor who is having a bad day with a smile that, even for just a minute helps him forget his problems, can be considered as a service to others. One might choose to formally perform a public service or participate in charity work to be able to say that he or she is of service to others.

Some may choose to do it differently.Personally, I define service to others as simply being a good neighbor and friend to those in need. It is easy to be in the service to others because our everyday socialization with people allows us the opportunity to serve others. But, there are some people who are in service to others in a more direct and involved manner.  I for one have a deep personal desire to be of service to others on a more physical and emotional level. I guess this is why I chose the career paths that I did.

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As far back as I can remember , I have always been the kid who tried to help out when he could but was usually restrained by my parents because I tended to be helpful to a fault. I would do crazy things like help get my friend’s cat out of a tree. I was told then that it was a dangerous and I should not do it.

I felt good being able to help my friend and my friend was thankful that I helped her. I just needed to be careful in doing it.It was in 1990 that I became a volunteer firefighter for my community. I never resigned my volunteer status from the fire department and continue to be a volunteer firefighter because I want to help preserve my neighbors and friends memories, possessions, and in most cases, their lives in the event of a fire. The next year, 1991, I expanded upon my personal meaning of service to others by  joining the U.S.

Army where I became a military policeman. Deep inside though, I knew that I could still help my fellowman in another way. I also know that the time others need our help or service the most is during the time of fire. That is why I became a career firefighter for the Department of Defense during the years of 2001-2003. The same year, I gained employment with the U.

S. Capitol State Police. Another avenue in my efforts to be able to serve others.Service to others is not something that can be easily defined because it is not something that can be measured or weighed. It is not even something that we do consciously.

The willingness to serve others is a type of driving force, or emotion that all men regardless of sex, race, and nationality are born with. The only question is: “How do you serve others?”


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