Seurat, Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh

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Jan Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin and Georges Suerat are considered as the masters of the arts who have significantly influenced the growth of Impressionism and Expressionism. These four artists have successfully reinvented themselves by incorporating their own styles in a specific art genre. The most common element that binds these painters is their use of landscape as their main theme for their artworks.However, there are also many characteristics in their paintings that set them different from each other. For Van Gogh, he utilized pointillism and experimented with bright somber colors such as red, orange and yellow to highlight his “dramatic illustration of his personal and artistic identity” (Van Gogh Museum). Meanwhile, Cezanne developed a more bold and rigorous and structured design in his canvass with a “more intense saturated color.” His “structured application of paint in the form of dense parallel brushstrokes” separated him from other Impressionist painters and this also created a tapestry-like effect on his masterpieces (National Gallery of Art).

On the other hand, Seurat also used pointillism to add glitter or sparkle to his exquisite artworks. Furthermore, he used this technique to generate detailed modifications in form (WebMuseum). Last but not the least is Gauguin. He switched from imitative art to the use of color to convey emotions or expressions (WebMuseum). Among the four painters, Gauguin made use of colors that “communicate intangibles through its inherent emotive qualities.

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” Gauguin painted dark colors in expansive flat sections to eliminate height and to abstract form (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC).Based on the various techniques employed by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin and Seurat, most of their artworks have become standards for beauty and artistry. Even though these artists have similar art styles, they still managed to set themselves apart by incorporating their individuality and aesthetics in their outputs. Overall, their artworks will forever be remembered and revered as masterpieces of the 20th century.Works Cited“Cezanne in Provence.” 2006. National Gallery of Art. 16 February 2009 <http://www.>“His Life.” 2009. Van Gogh Museum. 16 February 2009 <

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