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There is really nothing bad with living with a gay person what distinguishes people is character and level of relationship. When risk of possible attacks and/or assaults emerge, then there is need to check the accommodation. A gay person is just like every other humans who has chosen to live his life the way he feels comfortable with him, in the companion of other adherents t same tenets.

Every evil thing about sex and sexuality seems to be associated with the name ‘gay’ whereas there are others doing worse things than being gays; there are many looting company’s treasury others mismanaging the nation’s wealth and taking decisions inimical to the welfare of citizens. Really, in this world where we have found ourselves, people have a right over their lives and chose whom to be accountable to; they would definitely reap the fruits of their decisions in no time.However, there are people who believe that homosexuals would and should go to hell because their acts are sinful. In the light of contemporary religion, such acts are not new. They were reported few generations after biblical Adam, precisely in Sodom and Gomorrah; and in this situation, the repercussion of those actions include homosexuality was the destruction of the whole town by fire. This implies that here is something wrong this type of behavior; it defeats he purpose of creation and the essence of sexual intercourse, which is reproduction and soul-union.People are against it because the Bible says so.

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Yes, I am support of such people; to engage in such act is reducing humans to the level of mere animals without restrictions and self-control. As much as we can choose what to do, this does not license any dirty act. The fact one can kill does not make murder good.Homosexuals lose their rights, marriage and eve employment opportunities because such character appears to others as a show of lack of self-control and consequently breeds distrust.There is a stereotypical image of feminine behavior just as people develop such stereotypes for gays as men of ignoble character.

People claim they would only accept homosexuality if it said it was not a sin in the Bible; yes, his is true. Even beyond, this religious view, it lacks a hint of morality and has no substantial philosophical background; homosexuality only appeals to weak and frivolous emotions.SEX MANIA/ADDICTIONThe Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary defines a sex-maniac as ‘a person who wants to have sex more often than normal and who thinks about it all the time’. A sex-maniac is addicted to sex, and cannot actually live without having sexual intercourse. His/her passion for this act is enormous and becomes the impetus for other things he does. S [He] is daily overwhelmed by sex; and also finds it very difficult to avoid it.

There are a number of factors why people become addicted tom sex: the first and fundamental is a developmental distortion. When an individual has been exposed to the issues and acts of sex at an early, s [he] is likely going to end up as a sex-addict looking for every opportunity to express this transient emotion. It could also be as a result of sexual abuse while young; there are substantial persons who have become sex-maniacs because of sexual assault or even rape when they were young.Also, others may have been involved in sex trade as prostitutes, filmmakers for pornographic companies, gigolo, and other commercial sex workers. Such people are addicts; and suffer withdrawal symptoms at any attempt to stop having sex. It is an obsession.Indeed, it an abnormality because sex is desired in excess.

Everything in excess is inimical to life. Just like every other obsessions, other areas of life suffer for this acts. Human interactions and relationships are severely affected, as fruitful relationships cannot be built because of associated distrust and insincerity.On the Down Low [from J.L.King]The lives of straight Black men who sleep with men are terrible lives to adopt for survival. Such a man has only debased the integrity of humanity and manhood reducing him to dogs and pigs without control over passion.

Indeed it is an act of irresponsibility and show of shame. Such people are only ready for pleasure and lack the character for true and fruitful commitment. The underlying latent impetus in their lives is lack of self-control, undue selfishness and pleasure.

Such a man is nothing but a gay. Not at all ‘straight’. Who would ever say such people are straight. A straight is a person who has sexual relationships with another person of the opposite sex. Gays are the exact opposite of straights. Then, how can a man who sleeps with another man dare to say to that he’s straight and some rational would give such proposal a thought? That would amount to waste of time.J.L.

King Sleeps with other men yet sees himself as straight. He is obviously wrong. The simple inference is just that there is something wrong somewhere; there is a pathology with the thinking faculty or simply that there is a devastating cause-and-effect phenomenon in engaging in homosexuality.

There are clears and unmistaken definitions of the terms ‘gay’ and ‘homosexuality’, and so for anyone to say or even agree with whoever calls a gay straight depicts that both are confused and possibly need psychiatric help.JOHN LEGUIZAMO: SEXAHOLICHe describes himself as a ‘self-absorbed, insecure, egomaniac, sexaholic actor’ who was damaged as a child. This statement could be true.

It depicts the tragedy of development abnormality, how an error of omission or commission can permanently distort a life. Really such damages are seeds sown on fertile sounds which would germinate to produce fruit over time. It is only a conscious effort and intensive care and support that reduce the effects of such deformation to a bearable minimal.If nothing is done about the damage which can be abuse, poor home training, bad peer groups, and the individual ends up choosing the wrong values of the society. They become self-absorbed, extremely self-conscious and develop high level of insecurity.

They see the world as a hostile ground and in their search for solution, meet pleasure who appeals strongly to them.Pleasure admonishes them to forget their past, and enjoy life as such as they can; with persistence in sexual activities, they get transient relief and their utility begins to wane. Yet, pleasure keeps promising better days which never come until they are fed up with lust and their addiction to sex. They want to stop but they cannot. Their power of choice is eroded; they are alcoholics that can no longer tolerate alcohol but finds it difficult to stop drinking.  A sexaholic is caught in the web of continuous sexual activity without its intended meaning and promised long-lasting fulfillment; he desires to stop but has lost all strength to make such decision on the ‘sleeping couch’. 


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