What I shall be in 30 years’ time

In my moments of solitude, I haven often mused about this.

What will I be in 30 years? That seems a long way ahead but then time does pass by and in a blink of an eye, the years will roll past and I shall be 48. Have I earned a niche in my life? Am I successful in my career? Am I happy in my marriage? How many kids will I have?Sometimes, an image of a hen-pecked husband having to put up with a wife who nags constantly and spends extravagantly imposes itself in my mind or I would be successful in the corporate world?Well, if I really made it in my life, then that signals the star of a pleasurable life. The saying ‘Life begins at 40’ is true. I shall sit back and enjoy my life to the fullest.

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Perhaps I could own a profitable company and called it L.O. Sdn. Bhd. It coud be even listed on the KL Exchanges Main Board. I may even jet set round the world in my own private jet whether it is solely for business or pleasure e.g one evening in Paris and the next in London. If time permits, I shall go globe trotting, visit some of the Seven Wonders of the world like The Great Wall of China in Beijing, The Pyramid of Egypt, Taj Mahal in India, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Leaning Tower of Paris, Grand Canyon in Arizona and The Colosseum in Rome where I can re-live the days of the gladiators.

On the other hand, I could just be an average income earner, married with a simple, humble and attractive woman and have 3 children. I shall enjoy the company of a closely-knit, harmonious family. Hopefully my children will be well-behaved, disciplined and intelligent. If that is the case, what more can I ask from God? Life would certainly be fulfilling and rewarding.I do not know exactly what my fate in world in life will be.

Perhaps I might remain single, end up as a confirm bachelor. That is possible if I do not meet my watch, Miss Right. I do not think I will feel lonely or disappointed. I would rather remain single than marry and later find myself on the verge of a divorce. During my free time I shall be actively involved in charity of socials, volunteer myself in helping the needy, go for activities like fishing, jet skiing, parachuting or some other sports.

I could even adopt orphans. As long as I am financially independent and contented with my life, I see no necessity in tying the knot and regretting later.All the images above are but a fragment of the imagination where hopes, dreams and reality are mixed. Hopes are the start of a bright and glorious future. Hence, I would cling to them.

How can dreams and hopes come true for a person if he does not dream?



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