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Last updated: February 25, 2019

I went to my local Staples and I talked to a sales person about purchasing a PC and I explained to him I was a novice user and new to the whole “tech scene”, I asked him about this particular computer Cisnet CA-ST502 Desktop PC with these foreign looking words. * AMD Sempron 3100+ CPU (1.8 Ghz),* 80 GB HD Ultra ATA hard drive, * 256 MB DDR expandable to 2 GB and Integrated AGP Graphics.

I asked him what an AMD Sempron 3100+ CPU meant in simple terms and he told me that “Sempron was the code name of the processor” and that the “3100 represented the equivalent speed to that of a Intel based processor”, he also noted “that 3100 is not the actual speed”. He also noted, “the faster processor, the more work can be completed while working on tasks”  I then asked him about the hard drive size and what is meant by it, he told me “ the bigger the hard drive the more you can store on it” He proceeded to tell me “that most programs today require at least 500 megabytes of free space”In addition, I had a few questions about the 256 megabytes of memory. The answer I was given, was “the more memory you have on the system the more programs can ran at once and less system crashes”. He has suggested that I upgrade to at least 512 megabytes of memory because in his words “Windows XP runs very sluggish and some programs require more then 256 megabytes of memory to run them”I asked about the “integrated agp graphics” and he said “it was built into the motherboard and that the graphics worked by taking memory from the main system memory” His example was if a “system had 256 megabytes of ram, there would be only 248, eight megabytes would be dedicated to the graphics”The salemen said this “machine would be perfect for a novice user who only goes online and checks e-mail.” I found myself feeling very confident and comfortable with his explanations and he recommended this computer to me. 

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