“It is better to have a world united, than a world divided; but it is better to have a world divided, than a world destroyed,” said Mr. Winston Churchill, at the time of II World War.  Many countries were involved in the war of bombs and weapons then. At present, another undeclared war is going on and no one has the clear cut idea, how to stop this. All the countries are involved and affected by this war, whether it is to their liking or not.

This war is between the humanity that commits many a mistakes and the power of Nature. All have realized that this war must stop. One such war front is the threat of global warming—this is not warming, this is indeed warning.

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Do something tangible or perish! The pigmies of science do think that they can conquer nature!The population of the world has doubled in 39 years, from 3 billion in 1960 to 6 billion in 1991. Every individual born is not only an asset, but a liability to the natural resources as well. Ecosystem can withstand the damage to certain extent, but when the human beings cross the limit of reasonableness, that system refuses to co-operate. Pollutants are global attackers and they do not respect anybody’s territory, whether land, water or air. Whereas depletion of ozone layer received the immediate attention of the concerned authorities, global warning danger has been neglected.

Policy making with regard to such global dangers, has to be a collective decision of all nations. Two heads are better than one, they say. Hundreds of heads are far better.Ozone shield depletion means invitation to innumerable dangers to the eco-system that supports the Planet Earth. Nature has driven leadership of the various nations to the negotiating table. All philosophies, all isms have converged at a common point, because the question of survival of human beings is question number one. Unless immediate solutions are found to the serious issues relating to ozone layer depletion and pollution, we don’t require atom bombs to destroy humanity and all that is part of this beautiful Planet Earth.

Global warming due to pollution and grave results of the ozone layer depletion will quietly do it without any explosion!

Author: Claire Gray


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