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Last updated: March 3, 2019

Poverty in the less developed countries – resulting from various confluent factors – happens to be a consequential problem facing the world.  One of the reasons for poverty is poor health.  The opportunity cost of illness is known by health economists as a contribution to the expansion of wealth.  Healthy people add economic value to their nations with high productivity and efficiency.  Unhealthy people, on the contrary, are neither adding to their personal wealth nor contributing to the socioeconomic prosperity of their nations.  Thus, it is essential to consider the issue of poverty with a focus on one of its root problems: ill health.

The present study is important for an assessment of the inefficiencies facing the public health care system (PHCS) in Cameroon.  By understanding the deficiencies in the system, in addition to strategic resolutions required for effective management of the PHCS, the country would go a long way in improving the health of its people, thereby eradicating poverty.  The study is based on the assumption that the health status of the people of Cameroon is influenced by the nature of governance in Cameroon; its system of health management; financing; competencies; extensive participation of internal and external stakeholders, including international organizations; equity; efficiency; effectiveness; and the social aim to achieve health standards for the Cameroonians, so as to enable them to lead productive lives.

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  Moreover, the findings of this research – constituting descriptions of the problems facing public health care delivery in Cameroon, as well as solutions – are expected to be useful in uplifting the health status of people in other developing nations.  Scholars and policymakers are expected to make good use of the results, seeing that most developing countries are facing similar problems. 


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