The Significant Events In My Past

When I sit back and consider the significant events in my past, the important aspects of my current life, and my future goals, the underlying theme is one of appreciating diversity, especially across ethics and strength. I was born and raised in Hefei, China, the product of my father with roots in village and my mother of citizen.

My childhood life was similar to the most people, but it was the importance of the phase for me. The stage gave me an impressive memory.In my early years of education, the frustration with teacher confusing my name and my classmate name seemed as though it might never end, because both of our names are Yong Liu when I write it in English and pronounce, but different with write in Chinese. The first time when we teacher pronounced Yong Liu, two students responded, I was so surprised and look for the other voice. We looked at each other in consternation. At this time, teacher said it again, “Yong Liu, where is YONG LIU? he was to increase his intonation, from his serious expression in his face, maybe he thought someone would play a joke for his first class. “I am here. ” Me and him answered at the same time and stood up; the whole room burst into laughter came from other classmates.

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The teacher looked at ours by turns. Now, he has a solemn face, he said, “Who is Yong Liu? Do not play joke in class, it does not funning. ” “I am” we said. The teacher felt surprising, then to check the list of name.

“Oh, oh, oh, no, I am sorry; I forget in our class your name is same.I take the mistake. Sorry.

” My teacher said. From this event, I know everyone would take some mistake, authorities are not always right. I believe that I grew more, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, during my three years of my high school that during any other period of time thus far. NO. 7 high school provided a rigorous academic environment, so that attracted students from every part of Hefei. During these three years, I attended score team in our school, my team coach teach me some ethics and soccer skills.My coach name is bill, he told us soccer is not only the sport, but also bring us some senses. I remembered that my first time played in match; I am a forward in our team.

I always keeping the ball and does not pass it to my teammates, because I wanted to certificate myself and got a goal. So many chances I had lost, that lead to our team lost it. After match, our coach told me a story, he gave me a chopstick and said, “To fracture it. ” it was easy to achieve, so I did that. Then my coach gave me a group of chopsticks, he said, tried it again, then I sed my whole power to fractured them, but I could not achieved that I wanted.

So I understand team work is so important to me. More ever, what I learned from my coach that an honest was necessary. The event was occurred in my last semester. As normal, I needed to attend the Physical strength capacity test before every semester beginning.

If someone does not pass it, he will be leave team. I had a bad cold in that day, what a badly situation I missed, so that affect my test result, my score was disqualification.After the test, tester will bring the result to meet my coach. Suddenly, his phone was ringing, end of his talking, he told me, “could you help me bring it to bill? I had an emergency event to solve. ” “Sure” I answered.

Then I got the result, conflict between two thought, one is change my score, the other one is I cannot do that. The evil beaten Angela, I changed my score, because I love my team, I do not want leave team. Then I put it in the officer table.

But in the end, my coach understood I had changed my score, he did not blame me, he did not let me leave the team, he just told me, “no matter what you do, please be an honest man. I give you a chance to test again, the last chance, do not make me disappointed. ” When I tested again, I passed it. However, that sentence he told me I never forget. A few years ago, I graduated from my high school, I also remember my coach who is bill, he teach me so much, I often review some significant events, from these events, I understand many senses, I will use these to guide my future life.



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