“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

The book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson is not simply a science-fiction book – it is one of the greatest ecologically aware protests. The author provides effective and relevant information, considerations and notions about contemporary environmental conditions: “Then a strange blight crept over the area and everything began to change. Some evil spell had settled on the community.

.. Everywhere was a shadow of death”.

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Actually, the book is a collection of thematic essays being divided into sub-theme with strong environment arguments.  The author of the book reveals things that were unnoticed, neglected and ignored. Furthermore, she pays attention to past events and emphasizes the disturbing opportunities for the future. Therefore, the book describes horrors of everyday happenings and underlines that they are ignored.The author admits that natures is really devastated and ruined by human creations such as technology and science which are considered the threat for nature.

For example, author’s relevant presentations and statistics of chemical production are potent to amaze and make people think about the serious problem. Carson explains how the chemicals and other poisons are passing through the food and ecosystem thus disturbing and affecting them. It is a matter of fact that until 1962 only few laws were passed to protect ecosystem and surrounding environment, whereas nowadays their number is growing as people become more aware of the problem.Carson states that people should consider that chemicals and pesticides as a poison being able to affect the organisms. Food is contaminated as well.

Thus, the book points out the possible outcomes and consequences of dealing with poisoned chemicals. Carson is a fighter against poisons trying to rob human organisms. It is necessary to admit that the book is still affecting a nation revealing that toxins, pesticides and chemicals are paid no attention.



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