Six Characters in Search of an Author

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Last updated: February 27, 2019

1. Overall comments on the play. What did you like and not like? Why?I liked the theme of the play because it was different. It offers an insight on the creative process that happens behind the theater’s curtain.

It was different from all the other plays that I have read because it transcend objective reality by touching on the metaphysical attributes of a play, posing the question of the reality of fiction and concepts.2. What is the Exposition of the play?I think the exposition is when the Characters come barging in to the rehearsal and explains to the manager their purpose, that they are looking for an author to immortalize them.3. What is the rising action?I think that the rising action is the chaotic depiction of the characters and the actors as they try to figure out their own reality.

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4. What is the exact moment of climax? Why?I think the climax is the death of the Child and Boy because it shows that they are real as compared to being their fictive selves.5. What is the falling action?I think that the falling action is when the Manager gives up and announces that he has wasted one day to be with the actors and characters.6. What is the resolution?I think the resolution in the play is actual – the play is about the Characters looking for an Author to immortalize them on the stage and in the process they make their mark on the audience as they stage their problem for all to see.7.

What is unique about this play?What is unique about this play is that it takes fictive characters to play as fictive characters with the full awareness that they are not human beings but borne out of the imagination.8. What does not work for you in this play?Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the play because of the chaos – the play is peopled by characters – the fictive characters and the stage actors, all of which have their own interests. It is easy to get lost on the theater within the theater, and it is as if I was reading a backstage drama. Also, it does not subscribe to the usual dramatic structure, so it is difficult to assess this play in the traditional way.


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