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Last updated: February 27, 2019

Sandy has already committed three violations in a matter of only six weeks. For this reason, there is an urgent need for me to have a talk with her at the earliest possible time. Since her latest violation took place yesterday, I will have to talk to her today.

This is in keeping with the rule that the response should be immediate. Then I will explain the reason why we are having this talk: “Sandy, the reason why we are having this talk now is your performance during your first six weeks with the company. I must tell you that within those six weeks, you have already committed three violations. I wonder if you were aware of them. First, you were late in issuing an important purchase order.

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You even lied to me about that when you said that the document was lost when in fact it was in your in-box all along. Then just last week, you failed to make an immediate return call to an unhappy customer. If that call was made, the problem with that particular customer could have been solved right then and there.

Your failure to make that return call forced the customer to send a very negative letter to our CEO.  Then yesterday, you were the only team member who failed to submit the required periodic service report to the evaluation group. I have to let you know that those were very grave violations of company policies which were explained to you in detail during the orientation process. This will certainly affect your performance record. Do you want to talk about it?” I will then give her time to explain her side.After Sandy’s explanation, I will tell her: “Your reasons are personal. They might not be that bad, but I must insist that during company time, our duties with the company should take precedence over our personal affairs.

You are aware that you were hired because we believe that you could do the job. We still do. However, much as I want you to stay with the team after your probation, I have to warn you that the next violation will be dealt with more severely.

So please, could I expect a much better performance from you starting today?” 


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