Sleep is an important aspect of our life and our body demands that we have to have adequate sleep in order to function effectively in our daily tasks. When we lack sleep, we experience daytime sleepiness which significantly limits our ability to work and go about our tasks. Sleep deprivation has adverse effects in our body and mental functioning.

It has been said that sleep is necessary for growth and cellular repair, thus when we are not able to sleep, our body cannot engage in the repair and revitalization of our cells and organs (Myers, 2004). It has also been commonly observed that people who cannot sleep have dry skin, under eye circles, falling hair, a rise in blood pressure and are more prone to colds and the flu due to a weaker immune system. Moreover, sleep deprivation causes problems in mental functioning (Myers, 2004).We are less likely to process information correctly; we have lower reaction, shorter attention span and inability to focus on tasks as well as a general feeling of light headedness and in extreme cases experience hallucination. Some evidence have supported that sleep deprivation had been used for brainwashing or subliminal conditioning since the individual loses rational and critical thinking ability.

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The inability to sleep also affects the people we interact with in a daily basis (Myers, 2004), for example if we come to work sleepy and sluggish, we might cause delay in a busy workplace or when we cannot sleep, our family members also stay awake just to keep you company. Moreover, difficulty sleeping has been a symptom of clinical depression, so it would be possible that people around us would think that we have emotional problems and they become more concerned and worried for us. Likewise, if we are not able to focus or mental ability while driving, we may fall asleep and hit other innocent motorists.

Thus a person who is deprived of sleep is a danger to other people. 



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