Sling Blade

The film “Sling Blade” can be defined as an impressive drama which raises the question of morality. Actually, the film makes people think whether a person who has committed serious crime would do that again? Should a person be forgiven or condemned by society? “Sling Blade” is the directorial debut of Billy Bob Thornton as both writer and actor – he played Karl Childer, the main hero. The film offers the audience examination and deep analysis of damaged person’s quest whether a person would repeat his past crime.

Moreover, it provides atypical portraying of family values and concepts in modern society. The movie is very psychological and strained because every scene aims at telling something unexpected about main characters rather than about the story.Billy Thornton plays Karl Childer, who is a mentally instable person. Karl was kept for many years in the Arkansas State Hospital as he had butchered his mother and her lover with a sling blade.

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As psychologists said he was criminally insane. The film starts from the moment when Karl is released and return to a small town where he grew up. However, with the film progression it becomes apparent that desire to kill again can’t be overcome.So, the audience is presented with the paradox of human’s inner world – the struggle between good and evil, with right and wrong.

Nevertheless, the paradox is two-fold as it is difficult to define accurately what is right and what is wrong. It is shown that under certain circumstance it is difficult to make moral decisions. For Karl, for example, everything is simpler: he sees and kills. Karl’s approach to life is simple-minded and it really shocks people. The film touches human sensibility and proves that the best solution is, in most cases, the simplest one. It is possible to assume that Karl’s life position is his strengths because his thoughts are pure and simple; he always knows what he wants.

The film challenges human morality as we see that the main hero has his own original morality which can’t suit the overall one.Works CitedHeller, Dan. (1997). Sling Blade.

Available at  Accessed October 27, 2007.



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