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Last updated: February 27, 2019

The chapters are devoted to the aspects and core issues of decision making process. The author of the book states that decision making is of great importance for management. The first chapter involves discussion of complex problem-solving and it is noted that problem solving is an essential part of critical thinking. The main reason of inability to solve particular problem is, actually, lack of proper information and basic knowledge. Thus problems should be well described and explained.

The next issues raised in the chapter are: importance of cause and effect, levels of decision-making (preparation for decision, creation of options, evaluation of the options, implementation and setting scene), principles of decision-making, etc. Thus the chapter provides real issues which are able to impact the successful decision-making process.The second chapter provides tips how to prepare for decision-making.

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The author admits that decision-making suggest choice to a problem solving. It is advised to identify issues which will be involved in problem solving, because it will help to internationalize the decision making and will help to choose proper method of documenting decision-making. The next moment is importance of stakeholders. The author defines stakeholder as “any individual or group of individuals who is affected any way by a decision”.  One important advice is not to make decisions requiring luck of a lottery, though it is unnecessary to wait that a world is obliged to you.The third chapter deals with creating options necessary for decision-making process. Therefore, the author assumes that a person should, firstly, develop creative thinking as it helps to find new ways and approaches to problem solving.

Backsliders should be involved, because many decisions fail because of inability to implement them in “enduring fashion”.  The next point is the impact of persuasive communication. Costs and benefits of any decision must be considered thoroughly.


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