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Last updated: March 7, 2019

In this world, people were so stressed because of piles of work in the office or works outside the home that requires too much physical movements.

In order for us to stay healthy besides of this disgusting works, we need to stressed out and relax. But relaxing was not that easy, there are so many ways of relaxing but your not sure if it was suitable for you. For me, I would prefer going to historical places, art museums, galleries or those places that alike. Beside the fact that you’ll be stressed out, you can also gather new information when visiting this kind of places.In Washington D.C., there was an establishment called Smithsonian Institute Building which was also nicknamed as ‘The Castle’. The building was constructed of red sandstones in the 12th century combination of the late Romanesque and early gothic motifs.

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This was the first Smithsonian Building as of 1855 that is designed by architect James Renwick Jr. The building also served as a home for the first Smithsonian Secretary Joseph Henry together with his family.  In fact a statue of Joseph Henry was displayed in the front of the Castle.Inside the building there are 19 museums, 9 research centers and over 140 affiliate museums around the world. There are different galleries exhibitions in the castle like ‘Americans now’ which presents individuals that are prominent in sports and entertainment for the last 25 years; and ‘Treasures of American History’ which presents more that 150 collections of the America’s history.

There were also events like ‘Lions 3D’ which they bring the audiences face to face with all the inhabitants of African wilderness; and the ‘Uniquely Northern Ireland’ which presents a series of educational and cultural programs that reflect the world’s broadcasting, culture, music, food and craft in the Northern Ireland. The Smithsonian Institute also offers online resources about ‘art and design’, ‘history and culture’ and ‘science and technology’. These were only examples of the beauty and knowledge inhabited in the Smithsonian Institution. 


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