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Last updated: March 13, 2019

Music cafe is comparatively new in Bangladesh. Smoke Music & Cafe is one of them. Smoke Music & Cafe is a family Restaurant. It is a lounge where people come for get together and hangout. It’s a good place for time pass for the young people.

“Cafe Music Ltd. ” launched its first ever true music theme cafe. Smoke Music & Cafe Restaurant situated at Banana 11. Its located on Hakam Foundation, 6th floor, House-98, Block-C, Road-11, Banani, right in the middle of all the famous and iconic eateries and establishments that have over the years made Banani-11 the most happening place in the city.

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Facilities and FunctionsSmoke Music & Cafe is unique because it’s not just music cafe; it’s the first themed music cafe in the city. Smoke Music & Cafe specializes in fusion food. This is a combination of all the famous street foods of different cities from different parts of the world like American, Mexican and Italian. The foods are delectably prepared by some of the best chefs in the city who have had experiences and training from five star international hotels. The foods which are not only mouth watering delicious but also breathtakingly visual. There are more than fifty selections of foods and forty nine drinks, beverages and mock tails.The culinary and drink presentation at Smoke Music & Cafe is comparable to any five star hotels in any part of the world.

Smoke Music & Cafe has custom built its own stage, complete with state of the art sound system and lighting that can accommodate any professional performance both local and international. During the day Smoke Music & Cafe plays soft and contemporary music, crooning out of its speakers, embedded, throughout the cafe. In the evening Smoke Music & Cafe wakes up to the live music performed by its in house band seven days a week along with some of the most famous and popular singers of our time.The house band starts playing from 6:30 in the evening and goes on till 11pm. In Smoke Music & Cafe seven days are broken up into seven segments. Saturday is Tribute night when some of the artists for example, Ayub Bachu sings only the songs of a famous band, such as Pink Floyd.

Sunday is Male Night when only the famous male singers sing their songs. Monday is Diva Night. Tuesday is open music night when anyone from the cafe can perform with the house band.

Wednesday is the night for underground music and starts from 5 pm. Thursday is cover night when both male and female artists sing some of the famous classics.Friday, the house band doesn’t play and the main stream bands, such as Miles, Warfaze, LRB, etc take over and bring the house down with their rockn’roll. There is also an afternoon music session called “Express Music”, currently running 3 days a week from 3 – 5 P. M. Smoke music cafe is famous for its coffee and drinks. They offer more than 20 types of coffee and some unique drinks. A drink called Ayran which is a Turkish cold beverage of yogurt perfectly mixed with lime and mint; it is popular in many continents like Central Asian, Middle-eastern and South-Eastern European countries.

They also offer some unique dessert items like Hot Brownie with special Dates n Nuts; Creamy cheese flan topped with blueberry, chocolate sprinkles and wafer which is called “Blueberry Sin” and Chilled ice-cream served on a crispy brownie with chocolate pour. They also offered different types of salad. As Smoke Music & Cafe is all about music, music and music, either live or audios or videos, along with a good array of food from different corners of the world.

Some renowned music stars launch their albums in this restaurant. CompetitorsBesides, having a great image in the present market of continental food providers, like every other restaurant Smoke Music & Cafe has got some potential competitors. They are given below- * Fiesta Cafe and Lounge * Cafe Hollywood * Kozmo Lounge * Street 11 * Coffee World These restaurants are considered as the competitors of Smoke Music & Cafe because they are serving the same pattern of food in a similar fashion.

But if we have a look at Smoke Music & Cafe’s specialties, we can easily locate why it stands out from the crowd and is making a difference in the market.Also Smoke Music & Cafe’s atmosphere is totally different from these restaurants atmosphere. All these restaurants don’t provide themed music while eating. Only for the food they are consider as the competitor for Smoke Music & Cafe. Food decoration and presentation are also a considerable factor for Smoke Music & Cafe. They present their food in an excellent way. Target Customer Customers are the king of any business. Smoke Music & Cafe itself promoted their restaurant as an upscale hanging out place where the customers will come for a great experience.

So, it’s very natural customers will hold extended service expectation out of this restaurant as they are paying here a good amount of money. As Smoke Music & Cafe is a premium restaurant, customers are generally from upper-middle class or the upper class of the society. Also foreigners come to the Smoke Music & Cafe. The last type of people is the owners. They monitor all the service activities. Since the target market of the Smoke Music & Cafe is the upper class people of Dhaka they serve in it that manner. From their pricing to their out-let and waiter behaviors any one can notice that. They have a good parking space.

Many ambassadors of different countries come to this restaurant to have food and to spend a good time. Many foreigners come to this place as well. When a customer enters in to the restaurant he or she can notice that different kinds of people are enjoying their food. This fine dining Smoke Music & Cafe restaurant business is a very high-contact service where customer receive service with utmost involvement. So, the people delivering service must show a precise level of interactions that will strongly influence how customers perceive service quality. The variations of customer list are given below:Platinum: Most of the customers of Smoke music cafe are platinum customers. These customers are heavy users and love to have food in this restaurant. Whenever they thought to have their dinner their first choice is Smoke music cafe.

The high price is not a matter of concern to them. They love the food, the overall environment and the live music of Smoke music cafe very much. They just want to spend a very good time at any cost.

Gold: They are the customers who are more price sensitive then platinum customers. They want to have a good quality within a moderate range of cost. Smoke music cafe have some of these types of customers.These customers came occasionally here for having fun but they are not committed to this restaurant. Silver: These are the walking customers, simply the “passers-by”.

They came intentionally just to have food and enjoy their time but sometimes they ordered large menu as well. Smoke music cafe has these kinds of customers as well. Since Banani is a central place where many restaurants are located, many walking customers came to the restaurant every day. Company Benefits Now a day there are so many restaurants in Dhaka city with different types of food offerings. So food can’t be the only way to attract customer.

There should be some unique theme to attract customers. Smoke Music & Cafe themed music is unique for customer. Because customers are new with this types of offer. The menu has more than 50 foods, more than 36 types of drinks ranging from the regular soft drinks to mock tails and shakes to teas and coffees; the restaurant mainly aims at converting famous street foods from different parts of the globe into fusion dining. This is being done by being utterly careful about not spoiling the original taste, flavor and texture of the food. For starters one can choose from exotic Thai soups, Greek salads, Hot Buffalo Wings, or Mexican Nachos.

There are almost 40 main courses to choose from, which obviously makes the job more difficult. There is grill, steaks-n-sandwiches, burgers-n-barbeques to choose from each of which has its own distinct taste and flavor. These sumptuous fusion foods can be accompanied by any of the 49 difference drinks, which is a wide array of juices, coffees, shakes and sodas. The dessert section has both local and international delicious item. There is also an express menu which is offered from 11 am to 5pm. This menu offers a couple of mini meals, consisting of fried rice or noodles, burgers or sandwiches.These are all coupled with a soft drink or fries. This is basically a quick meal at a low cost.

In short they offer a large number of different types of food which is rare in Banani road. This helps this cafe a huge benefit. There interior and environment is also a considerable factor to attract customers. Their menu card designed in a unique way that their each signature dishes menu card has a poster of legend singers. These factors help them to earn benefits.

Conclusion From Smoke Music & Cafe we have learnt a lot in terms of how difficult it is too please a customer.We got to know the practical knowledge of working at Restaurants—what kind of menu is used. Managing a restaurant Like Smoke Music & Cafe is really a hard work but still they have managed to do very well compare to their competitor. From the beginning of the Smoke Music & Cafe till today they were able to hold the position to the one of the most popular restaurant of their class. We look at their competitor, we will see that many of them started very impressively but could not hold their position. Besides that the unique decoration of interior and exterior environment gave it a special position to its consumers mind.


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