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The Story of a snitch The story of a snitch starts out with John Dowery Jr. John was under house arrest for assisted murder and he was a drug addict. He was under house arrest for eleven months and he was facing up to eight years with out parole.

But John was cut a deal, he agreed to become a witness in a murder trial. In exchange for his testimony the feds had eased the terms of hie pretrial detention. He was a changed man. He stopped doing drugs and actually got a job. But with his deal that he made he stamped the label “snitch” on to his forehead.One day he was walking home from work and he sensed something was wrong behind him. He turned around to find two men dressed in black with guns in their hands. The gunman fired and struck John in the backs of his legs and arms.

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Six times all together. John’s friend Jay was in accused to the murder of Reds (the drug dealer down the street). John knew about the murder, and knew who else had helped with it. A man who John called ‘Boo-Boo’ and his friend ‘Moo-Moo’ were also involved in the murder. John debated for days about snitching on ‘Boo-boo’ and ‘Moo-moo’.He thought of everything that could happen, they could go after him, or his family.

But after thinking about it for about a week John picked up the phone and his public Defender. This helped break the case for police. This made everything tie together and each murder was connected. John decided to be a witness. This sparked an underground video called Stop F****** Snitching. After set DVD was handed out and popular it caused a more of a dangerous and life threatening life for those who had snitched before.The DVD was produced by Rodney Bethea and he claimed that the video was just a freestyle documentary and wasn’t intended to increase the violence towards witnesses.

John was a witness for the case and that caused him his life two men walked in and shot him in the head. It is a dangerous world for the snitches and the police find that a lot of people who call in to report something refuse to say their name or anything about them in fear of being a snitch. “Why would I talk to the police?All your doing is putting a label on yourself,” said Berry Nelson The Dawsons The Dawsons were a family from Baltimore.

A family of seven, husband and wife, and five children The mother Angela constantly shoo’d off the drug dealers off the side walk and she would call the police about the drug dealers. The drug dealers had enough of what she was doing and one night in October 2002 the dealers firebombed the Dawson’s house. This killed the mother and children instantly in the blaze and the father died later in the hospital.The drug dealer, Darrell Brooks was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in jail.

Discussion Questions. Put yourself in John’s place would have done the same thing? Why? Should one be afraid of telling the truth? If you are a witness to a case should your identity be hidden? Explain? Would you confess that you knew something about John’s death at the bar? Is retaliation right? Should it be done? (an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind)


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