Social Forces and Progress: Focus on the Oppressed Group

Social forces are never identical in nature. Some social forces are reactionary; some are oriented toward innovation and to some extent revolution. In history, religion, government, and the educational system were seen as conservative social forces that attempted to motivate individuals to act conservatively. They were seen as forces that prevent innovation and progress; their form was highly oriented toward maintaining order in society. With the coming of the 19th century, there were social forces that successfully destroyed the old order.

The individual became the focus and motivation of that century. The individual offered the only possible means for the society to achieve progress, since it is the “individual” that creates innovation and challenge. This was true for the dominant group. During that time, there was no complete understanding of the concept of juridical equality, equality between genders, religious liberty, and political liberalization.

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Some groups were more powerful than others. Some groups were more oppressed than others. The individual was the icon of the dominant group.There were two forces that propelled progress for the oppressed group. The individual became the focus of massive racial unrest. It became the embodiment of dream, progress, and equality. The sacrifice of individuals like King, Gordon, and others became the starting point of “revolution.

” This revolution was oriented towards racial equality. It was a new revolution where ideas reign and blood disregarded. For these individuals, racial equality was the first step towards “genuine progress.” The second force was somewhat “odd.” In the 17th century, it was the main conservative social force. During the 20th century, it became one of the most progressive social institutions.

The educational system would serve as the learning center of the new ideals of the century; that is, the means for the “individual” to communicate his/her ideas “to the larger community.” Through this, progress can be achieved without resort to unethical ideals. The oppressed group then would become a self-esteem group.



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