Social psychology

Social psychology is a scientific study about individuals, interactions among people and about idiosyncrasies.   A general trend is people would like to make friends, communicate, share and understand in order to build relationships whether it is in men or women, or young children.  Human tendencies are delicate in nature that in case of conflict or tiff, resolving issues becomes much complicated and at times becomes impossible and takes long time to heal the minds from being upset. Social psychologists state that human nature is full of complexities that disagrees in many perspectives with one another and causes for this are due to several personal experiences or opinions.

It can be questioned here, are there any specified norms for human nature to be acceptable at all times with all? Well, to some extent there are behavioral patterns, etiquette and code of language in communication which if practiced, such individuals are liked by people.  Social psychology makes an emphasis that social and cognitive processes are intertwined which involves thoughts, emotions, goals, feelings. Human beings are social creatures who live in community and relations do take place as a matter of bond that takes place by nature of law of attraction. Two key words, social processes and cognitive processes have to be understood as follows:The ways in which input from the people and groups around us affects our thoughts, feelings and actions.Cognitive processes:The ways in which our memories, perceptions, thoughts, emotions, motives influence our understanding of the world and guide our actions. (Eliot R.Smith Social psychology, P.

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4)Social psychology studies about the social behavior of individuals and there are many problems in the society whether it is among couple in marriages, strained relationships or problems in vicinity among individuals. A question arises, if by nature of law of attraction,  individuals are building relations, why there are so many conflicts among people which brings distance among even closed relations. Some of the noted proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together”  which means that individuals who carry a similarity in personal opinions or likes are attracted to each other for building relationships.

 For instance, a white girl who is studying in college has a good score or impeccable dressing  in class.  Another girl with similar qualities would like to make friendship with the white girl, as both the girls likes are same in which case, opinions and personal experiences are shared in comfortable friendship. Consider the case of terrorist groups, the aims, goals and destructive ideas bring terrorist groups together for the purpose of execution of  terrorist activities.   This is another kind of destructive mindset in social psychology that works on the negative side. Not only in the above respect, social psychology can be applied in customer service,  marketing campaigns, door-to-door selling, Internet marketing and also in maintaining healthy relationships among people.   There are many theories that social psychologists apply and explain for each application level of social psychology whereas each theory has a great significance that is limited to one particular area.

 In this paper, a discussion is made in the following pages about nature of human attraction and perception of seeing other people which includes a discussion on theories of social psychology that is relevant to the topics.Nature of human attractionWorld today has many friendly nations that are compatible with each other, such as Americans and Europeans, Arab world with Muslim nations,  Asian nations with western world. These nations endeavor to work together in international business,  foreign currency business and in migrating work force for the purpose of employment.  This clearly indicates that people strive for mastery, people believe in being connected with each other people value “Me and Mine” .

  These three principles describe the theory of social and cognitive processes.  Some beliefs are hard to change while some beliefs cannot be trusted and considered as baseless.What is the basis for human attractions? What influences human nature for attraction?  Adolescents get influenced through media, magazines and television especially movies which leave a great impact for making choices in life whether it is for friendship or work-related relationships or parental bond or societal relations. Duke and Kreshel (1998) found that white girls rely heavily on fashion magazines and other magazines column writings and follow the advice to make relationships.  Adolescents’ discussion on television also influences young boys and girls to know the discrimination of gender identity and racism especially in western world.  Black adolescent boys in Canada used Black athletes for commercial advertising as a matter of recognition (Wilson & Sparks 1996).In case of marital relationships, the book “The developmental course of marital dysfunction” (Bradbury, 1998) collects information from both the couples in order to analyze the stability and the quality of relationship which determines how happy is the marriage relationship.  Multivariate approach also reveals interpersonal problems in marriage which lead to depression, anxiety, physical health which finally affects marital life.

 Happily married couples understand about negative behavior of partners as situationally caused and do not take on personal level.According to social psychologists, every theory of social psychology is based on research which is tested and finally takes the shape of model for it application  in human psychology.  There are five essentials in social psychology  viz., firstly identifying and questioning of assumptions in terms of human nature and whether these can be proved correct or wrong with the fact that many human assumptions might be wrong. Secondly imagination and exploration of alternatives especially a question what kind of human good nature is accepted  in society? Is there any alternative to this?  For instance conflict and aggression in an individual gives a meaning that a “beat within” view and it is very difficult to deal with such individuals who are short-tempered, ferocious and verbally abuse.  Social psychology states that an aggressive or a conflicting person is nearly motivated to hurt someone all the time and suppressed anger always develops a dual motives, either in development to hate someone or  to deal with a person who has hurted feelings and emotions.

It is a very complex issue to deal with human nature especially when it is to be dealt with strangers where it is important to observe and take note of every aspect of conversation. When it is matter with dear ones, emotions and responsibilities play a vital role even to the extent of excusing a dear one in spite of an unforgivable mistake that that mind takes control and says, it is important to forgive as family bond and relationships have to be together and learning to forgive someone is an art and requires excessive patience and self-control.It can be explained here that relationships in family are quite different from that with outsiders, relatives, work-related people wherein excessive principles of social psychology have to be applied in order to get the works performed and also to maintain etiquette and order of discipline in work areas.

 Organisational behavior, human resource management and other management principles are closely related with social psychology as it deals with manpower in work places. The third essential of social psychology is about understanding the behavior which has many interactive causes. Fourthly, social psychology place emphasis on both individuality and community and finally it is important to recognize social psychology as a form of technology.There is no issue that is beyond the capacity of social psychology in terms of human and social behavior.   Men are considered as superior when compared with the strength of women.  Society also agrees that men are bread winners whereas women are homemakers who have to respect husbands, bring up children and even work and this excessive working may some times lead women to depression, anxiety  and lack of personal care.

Income, domestic expenses, savings, children education are all a responsibility for husband and wife wherein couple have to agree with each other and when there is a conflict, disagreements occur which leads to various differences of opinion.  Marriage affects both men and women in many aspects whether it is monetary terms, parental bond or in marital relationships.  Many Christian marriages are expected to stay in marriage faith according to the scriptures and when marriage laws according to the holy scriptures are violated, it is very difficult for couple to rebuild relationships especially in the case of infidelity, verbal abuse or domestic violence wherein Bible condemns even mental infidelity in married couple distances couple who were supposed to stay in marital faith of being honest with each other.Similarly in society, there are many groups which are compatible with each other.

For example black people live in a community with various different cultures and traditions whereas white people are more developed in being modest and mannered and in terms of education.   Harmony within groups is again a matter of understanding each other in all aspects and in agreeing with each other.Application of ethic and moral behavior in social psychology is very important for every minute issue is a major issue when it is reaches to analysis of social psychology.  Good character, good conduct, mannerisms, cultures, traditions, life style and above all economic status are all a matter in social psychology whether in micro level or at macro level which gives a clear picture about human behavior and how men and women live in society with various relationships that may or may not last for ever for every thing is a matter of mindset and mind control.

Practically dealing with people is a very big art and one who learns art of managing people is certainly a good HR manager or a public relation officer or a CEO.  In terms of family bond, the entire responsibility is casted on women to be a good psychologist for discharging the duties of a mother, wife, employee and a responsible member of society.Once again, when it is matter of choosing a partner, white girls are more attractive by staying slim and thin giving a curvaceous appearance for boys, in order to give an appealing look.  Most importantly, thin waist is most admired by white men and accept the fact that thin waist girls can bear children much easily as compared to thick waist girls. Mostly all white complexioned people especially Americans have sharp features and look very attractive whereas Europeans, Asians and Africans are quite different in complexion as well in face features which is why it is believed that being born as an American is a great blessing in disguise.   German girls and Russian girls  also look very smart and in fact one can witness  the world of charm, grace and beauty in annual contest for beauty pageants wherein girls from various countries participate representing respective country and in order to win the contest of Miss World, Miss Universe on behalf of the country.  Although, it is important for girls to look attractive, in the recent times girls in modeling career are suffering from anorexia which causes lot of harm to the health.

 Mind and brain are healthy only when individuals are physically fit and practice good intake of nutritious food whether it is for the purpose of modeling, by virtue of employment or a housewife. It does not mean that women have to overlook personal care once married and even after becoming a mother, a woman has the capacity to look beautiful.  The best example here is celebrity Julia Roberts who is more beautiful even after having twins. 

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