Social Science Differences

Social science is basically the branch of scientific study pertaining to the human aspects of life in the world.

This is the collective term for the different academic disciplines that are individually focused on specific aspects of human life on the planet ranging from their origins to their development and their present condition. Differing from other field of sciences, social science pertains specifically to the human only and their nature as sentient beings. This field is not concern on the concept of humans as living things but on studying their humanity as the most complex and intelligent life form on the planet.Social sciences are employ qualitative and quantitative nature and approach regarding their studies and theories making this field empirical in its basic nature.

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  Researches and studies on this field are conducted with scientific process in gathering empirical informations and concepts divulging important aspects in the human’s life. This field greatly relies on practical knowledge gathered through thorough and systematic research and experiment procedures to prove its theories and establish general concepts regarding the different nature of the human being.The field of social science encompasses many academic disciplines with each focus on different critical human aspect such as human origins from anthropology and history, social systems varying from economics, education, law, social policy, international relation, linguistics and others.

Each of these disciplines is equally significant as they all aid the understanding of the different aspect of human’ life and promote the development of the human civilization. Indeed, the field of social science is greatly significant to the human civilization as it foster the development of knowledge regarding the very intricate nature of the human beings.

Author: Annette Jenkins


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