Social Structure Crimes

The social structure theory in general refers to the behavior and action of an individual in relation to the social system and its dominant norms. In criminology aspect, this theory refers to the actions and underlying motives of an individual in relation to the social structure or system. This generally explains the reason behind the crime as each individual’s action is partially guided by the underlying structure in the social system.To further elaborate the said concept, a specific case employing a certain social structure in relation to the motive of a crime will be discussed in this paper. Consider the case of Piper Rountree convicting her of the crime of murder of her ex-husband and felonious possession of firearms.

In this case, the economic system in the social structure is determined to be a major and significant influence to the crime. Considering the background of the case, Piper Rountree and Fredric Jablin were couples separated by divorce on the grounds of adultery, emotional instability and financial problems. It is determined that when and after the marriage, Rountree has already been amassing great debt woes bringing in financial fiasco to the family. After the event of the divorce, Rountree even continued accumulating massive debts because of inappropriate luxurious life, emotional depression and an adulterous relationship. Financial problems of the assailant have further aggravated her psychological and emotional stability leading to the lethal solution to her problems, insurance policy of her ex-husband to their children who are in custody of Jablin which she can eventually amassed as her financial saviors.

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Considering the background of the crime, the only preventive measure that can only be seen is a dependable solution to her financial problems and her marital fiasco. Psychological and marital counseling could have stabilized her emotional problems and more responsible approach to her financial management could have save her from her credit fiasco. Applying responsible and sensible measures to this socio-economic aspect could have preventive the unfortunate fiasco leading to the murder of Fredric Jablin by his ex-wife. 

Author: Craig Brewer


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