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Last updated: February 25, 2019

To get us started, I will be presenting you a brief over view of Social Security and its age requirements, and if I feel it was a governmental program to eliminate poverty especially during the Great Depression.Social Security was created in 1933 by President Theodore Roosevelt as a means of support for those were retired, IE people 65 and over. The whole principal of social security is citizens who work pay into the system and when they reach the age of 65, they are elgible for it, there are special considerations such as SSI, which is a Supplemental Security Income and this is issued to disabled citizens. The other consideration is a “widows benefit” which is given at the age of 60 and ends at age 62 when one can become elgible under the benefit guidelines for actual social security.

In addition to a brief overview of social security and the age requirements, I feel that social security was not put in place to end poverty. My reasoning behind this, is back during the great depression it was a means of having enough finacial support to survive and that was basically it until the depression ended and people could find meangful work. Now fast forward to the 21st century and this still rings true today, the average benefits a person recieves is somewhere around the neighborhood of $500-700 a month which is to be honest not even liveable unless the one who is recieving it, really does alot of cutting corners on their budget which just is not the case with senior citizens. I’ve heard and read all to often about seniors having to choose between medication,food, and electricity.

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