Socio Legal Status of Women in India

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Last updated: March 18, 2019

The post independence period is the era in which a lot has been done and a lot is to be done for the upliftment and emancipation of the womenfolk. In this period, a large number of legislative measures have been adopted by the parliament and it is evident in the form of several legislations.

Judiciary has also not lagged behind . It has by its various judgments and directions kept pace with the parliament and has given also judgments in the areas in which parliament failed to enact any law.The apex court particularly took account the provisions mentioned in the international conventions regarding women. In present scenario position of Indian women has deteriorated a lot. Though women are participating in all activities such as education, politics, media, art and culture, service, science and technology etc. but some newer forms of violence and in most aggravated forms have been witnessed in present times.

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Even the efforts of the organs of the govt. annot be said to be efficient enough as the women today are facing graver problems than that they used to suffer earlier. The enactment of Acts have helped but not totally solved the problem. Law has tried a lot but society has not responded much.

Law is nothing but a prescriptive pattern of behavior. Law reinforces the existing mode and provides a uniform procedure for the evaluation and punishment of deviance from the existing rules. It’s a tool of social control and maintainability of social stability.Law also brings about social change by influencing behavior, beliefs and values.

As an instrument of social change, law involves two interrelated processes. By means of new enactments institutionalization of new pattern of behavior manifesting new social values. There must be a collective cultural process, so that law may become an active social force. If the institutionalization is successful, it facilitates the internalization of the new values by bringing about a change in the attitudes and beliefs of the individual through social upbringing in the individual families.If such internalization does not take place then the mere legal codification or the institutionalization will not have any social value, rather people may lose respect for law. In this respect object of my research is to analyze the role of law in transforming the present position of women whether it is really transformed or law has failed in its objective of uplifting the position of Indian woman.

An ttempt is made to analyse various factors of social change, role of the government policies and programme, role of Indian judiciary in changing status of women. Present research also concentrates on the etiology of violence against women. The research methodology adopted for this research work is doctrinaire. The researcher will adopt historical and analytical method to analyze the documentary material for the research work. This material may be consulted in the form of secondary data for the purposes of analysis, suggestion and concluding the research work.Our women have a great part to play in the progress of our country, as the mental and physical contact of women with life is much more lasting and comprehensive than that of men. Woman is the magnificent creation of god, a multi faceted personality with the power of benevolence, adjustability, integrity and tolerance.

She is companion of man, gifted with equal mental faculty, a protector and provider, the embodiment of love and affection. The role given to women in a society is a measuring rod and true index of its civilization and cultural attainment.


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