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Last updated: April 3, 2019

Over the recent years, there has been a growing trend for drug abuse in the US.

More and more people got used to drugs being around, regarding them as a necessity for life rather than a dangerous stuff, according to the research of the agencies of enforcement in United States.As a result, more and more crime was committed. In 1992, 70 percent of criminals admitted that they had touched illegal drug, and a percentage of 30 were drug-led. That number has been increasing constantly in the past years. It is no doubt true that drug abuse has been a serious social issue all along, not only incurring vital consequences such as crimes and HIV, but also leading to poor performance at school, serious violence, and the breakdown of families.Some agreed that drugs was a severe problems, while others still argued that the drug problems were merely due to failure of education, which has not been deteriorated to the unsolvable situation.

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Whatever that is, a growing concern was raised among US citizens.Actually the government came up with some measures. One of them is establishing monitoring agencies. Through inspection into the drug problems, we obtained a constant image of drug problems, which is the first step towards a good control. Drug enforcement should be promoted to a position as the most important department in government, and entitled a stronger power in regards to law. When encountering drug-related cases, this agency was given prestigious level of power, which ensured the efficiency and effectiveness.Moreover, government should take some more proactive measures, namely creating an environment, in which people’s mind-sets are strongly against the drug abuse.

By raising the awareness of the public towards drugs and the consequences that drug abuse incurs, people would automatically stay away from them. A variety of campaigns can be held in communities, corporations and other organizations. Advocacy advertisement can be broadcasted to call for a positive claim, making people to learn more about drugs abuse in an easy way. Exhibitions and tours on drug abuse makes people access to build a vivid image against drug abuse. Some government department can delivery some easy-to-read brochure for free, increasing the exposure that people towards drug knowledge.

To sum up, we have to make sure that it’s deeply rooted in everyone’s mind-set that illegal drugs should be prohibited both morally and legally no matter where are you from, which culture are you used to.A dedicated course or a seminar can be held for educating children to stay away from drugs. Implementing this drug education program in all schools can cooperate with the efforts of the media synergistically in spreading the anti drug abuse advocacy. We can plunge the perception into people mind by showing them some terrible consequences of drug abuse and the far better world without drug abuse. Even further, the authority should put an eye on the students, and give some special instructions or punishment whenever he tends to drug abuse.

Besides, government can implement some mechanism that makes no readily access to contraband and prescription drug. Those two measures above build good prevention through moral forces. The states should set up more stringent legal provisions against drug-related crimes. Also, more prisons can be built to meet the growing demand, as you probably know that drug criminals were separated from the others. Besides, a minimum length of sentence for drug-related crime can be set.

However, the flipside of implementation of government measures are high costs and privacy issue. Taxpayer would complain that too much money has been spent on the drug problems since there are vast types of drugs and numerous cases to be investigated. Privacy issue has been a concern, which occurs with the process of collecting information by the agencies.In fact, the sole effort from government doesn’t seem to solve the problem perfectly.

We still got to work out other stimulate factors. The synergy effect would exert its power when every possible measure is implemented.Law has provided a powerful weapon to restrict the drug abuse. Media should also take its role in educating people. Media probably should not advocate a lifestyle with drug abuse.

On the contrary, it should build a positive image against drug abuse. Especially for children, who are easy to influence, media has some work to do to keep them off the negative information.However, during the process that media and schools carry out its measurements, it faces several drawbacks. Firstly, some argued that it may not be a duty for media to become a full-time drug educator.

Secondly, the school is not obligated to take efforts and money into this program. Thus the two educational channels would not achieve optimum effectiveness while considerable expenses incurred.Generally speaking, there are 2 major points. On the one hand, we should implement a powerful punishment mechanism as well as monitoring system. On the other, we should put more stress on prevention by educating people and forming a positive environment. When we face the challenges of problems of drug abuse, no one should flinch, despite it’s been accumulated and hard to solve.

The society should never lose faith in fighting against drug abuse. After all, it is drug abuse that not only ruined happiness of thousands of families, but also caused insecurity and downside of a nation. All forces should be united closely together. Schools, media, communities and families should cooperate, and we believe in a bright future with no drug abuse!


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