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Last updated: March 6, 2019

Sometimes I think twice about what I want to do with my career and with my future. Life indeed is quite simple, you pay your dues to the community and in return, the community will do you good as well. My name is _______________ and I want to major in biology in the medical field.

I enjoy learning in my everyday life knowing that what I learn can not only benefit myself, but to the society as well.I hope that by majoring in biology, I will have a safe and secure career. Besides completing my major in the medical field, some of my goals are the following: making the Dean’s list, doing more volunteer work and more community service, play field hockey in college, to have as little debt as possible after I graduate, to never stop working and pursuing my dream while I am still in college.I want to get to the Dean’s list and at least be able to maintain a higher grade point average higher than a 3.

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50. I believe that success starts within myself. By getting good grades and good results in college, I have no choice but to learn how to be responsible and how to manage my time wisely. I also believe in contributing towards the community. I have done this since I was child and I will not stop doing it just because I have entered to college. It fulfills me knowing that I have the capability of helping others with what I have to offer and by the end of the day; I have changed someone’s life and created a smile on their face.Besides everything else, I want to also pursue one of my hobbies that I have.

I want to join the team and be able to play field hockey in college. This way I will also get a chance to interact and socialize with others and meet new people.I want to have as little debt as possible after I graduate. I desperately want to increase my credit score, but I know that by doing so I have to have various credit cards with some type of movement within them. I have been warned by many that it is very easy to spend, but it is sometimes also very hard to payback your credit cards afterwards.

For this reason, I never want to stop working. When someone stops working, they begin to get too relaxed and they spend a lot. While money is flowing out, they are not receiving any type of income.By the end of the day, I think back on everything that I have done. What I can give, I will always give.

Life is cruel and sometimes it can be rough and harsh, but this is just reality. This will not stop me from pursuing my dreams because I am an ambitious, benevolent, and motivated person. If I know that I can do better on certain things, I will push myself until I achieve my goals.    


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