Song of Songs: An Allegory

Keith Moody Winfree HUM2051 Civilization 1: Ancient Through Medieval 31 October 2010 Song of Songs The question asked is if there are any problems with incorporating this book into the Bible.

Ultimately to answer this question is not possible as the answer would be more a matter of opinion versus any actual fact. Religion, from my personal point of view, is that it is an individual’s opinion as to what their faith is.If religion or faith for that matter is an individual’s opinion then interpreting the Song of Songs and whether or not there are problems with incorporating it into the Bible is a question that would have many answers or viewpoints. I will attempt to provide my viewpoint to answer the question.

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I see the Song of Songs as an allegory. This is supposed to be a poem that is between lovers. A man and a woman are expressing appreciation for each other’s bodies in frank detail.

It is intended to celebrate human sexuality, love and human life itself.The lovers repeatedly describe parts of each other’s bodies over and over. They make comparisons to animals or features of landscape. The intention of this is to have the reader gain the power of physical desire while appreciating the harmony of the human body and love. I first read the excerpts for the Song of Songs on pages 96 through 100 before I read anything that gave me a more clear understanding of what I read.

I did not follow the readings as a poem of two lovers expressing their desire for each other and describing their bodies. I also did not make any connection that this would be included in the bible.According to the text the incorporation of this poem in sacred scripture suggests the possibility of different meanings and what these may be are an open question. I think this provides some substance to my opinion that fait is an individual’s opinion. This text has had a long history of divergent and different interpretations.

At first I really did not feel that this text had a place in the Bible. I did not see any religious content when I read this. I got the sense of the lover’s communicating to each other and describing their bodies. I was feeling a great deal of sexual connotation within the text.With these feelings it is in my opinion that this would not be in the Bible. The Song of Songs, or, as some know it, the Song of Solomon, separates itself from the other books in the Bible (Curtis). The opening words introduce a poetic work whose subject is romantic love and its physical expression in marriage.

This is not what one would expect from a book in the Bible. I agree with this and this came from a website that is providing a deeper insight into the Song of Songs. I went to a couple of different sites to gain a more logical perspective on this poem and did learn quite a bit.The poem is about two people that deeply love each other and wish to show it for each other. It is about marriage and the fact that when two people are married that the deep inner passion is what fuels the pairing. Throughout the poem there is virtually no mention of God which brings me to the point that it would have to be ones individual opinion as to the religious aspects of this text. In conclusion it is my opinion that the Song of Songs does not need to be incorporated into the Bible.

This poem does not truly promote the bond between two people in marriage.Even though it expresses the feelings of two people in love it does not show the power of God in the bans of marriage. This poem does not show how God plays a role in a married life and how we should respect our married partners. So in believing in marriage and God this poem did not give me any feeling that it belonged within the Bible.Curtis, Donald E. “The Song of Songs. ” Bible.

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