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Introduction of Southeast Bank Limited (Mirpur 10) The emergence of Southeast Bank Limited was at the juncture of liberalization of global economic activities. The experience of the prosperous economies of the Asian countries and in particular of South Asia, has been the driving force and the strategic operational policy option of the Bank. The company philosophy – “A Bank with Vision” has been precisely an essence of the legend of success in the Asian countries. Southeast Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank in the private sector, which is focused on the established and emerging markets of Bangladesh.

In Dhaka, the first branch was launched in 1995 and the bank has been growing ever since. Southeast Bank Limited has 25 branches throughout Bangladesh and its aim is to be the leading bank in the country’s principal markets. The bank by concentrating on the activities in its area of specialization has achieved good market reputation with efficient customer service.

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The Bank is committed to providing continuous training to its staff to keep them up to date with modern practices in their respective fields of work. The Bank also tries to fulfill its share in community responsibilities.By such measures the Bank intends to grow and increase shareholders’ earning per share. Southeast Bank Limited pledges to maximize customer satisfaction through services and build a trusting relationship with customers, which has stood the test of time for the last eight years. Our Mission ?High quality financial services with the help of latest technology. ?Fast & accurate customer service. ?Balanced growth strategy.

?High standard business ethics. ?Steady return on shareholders’ equity. ?Innovative banking at a competitive price.

?Deep commitment to the society and the growth of national economy. ?Attract and retain quality human resource.Our Core Strengths •Transparent and quick decision making •Efficient team of performers •Satisfied customers •Internal control •Skilled risk management • Diversification Our Core Values •Integrity •Fairness •Harmony •Courtesy •Commitment •Insight and Spirit •Enthusiasm for Work •Business Ethics Preface HRM is a strategic and systematic approach to managing people in a way that would maximize their motivation and contribution towards meeting the organizations objectives. A HRM plan is a departmental document which sets out what programs are required in the following few years to practice HRM in the department.

The aim of a HRM plan is to help the department to achieve its mission and objectives through a systematic design and implementation of HRM programs. Acknowledgement At first we present our due regards to the Almighty, who have provided us the brilliant opportunity to build and complete this report successfully with good health ; sound mind. We would like to express our feelings ; great affections along with our heartiest appreciation to Mr. Mohammad Fateh Ali Khan Panni, Lecturer, for his kind co-operation. We would like to thank MD.

Subhankor Barua, Manager Department of HRM Southeast Bank Limited; Rubana Akhter, HRM head Southeast Bank Limited Tetile; S. M. Arif Reza, assistant to the HRM Southeast Bank Limited and many valuable HRM related people who spent their imperative time shared their experience to complete our research paper. Executive Summary This report is described the total HRM function of Southeast Bank Limited (Mirpur 10). Here we described HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management. Here we mention how HRM practice in a real situation.And try to find out there failure and find out the solution. Section 1 Objective: This report covers the whole operations of the HRM department.

And we try to bring here the actual scenario of this particular organization. Developing a HRM plan calls for a shift in the way people are managed in the department: from administering people to achieving departmental strategic objectives through people. The following table illustrates this shift.

Analysis of there Recruitment process and learn those process in the contest of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management course. Know about there Employee selection categories.How they trained and developed them.

Know the efficiency of there performance appraisals. How Compensation Management is working on that organization. Analysis those problems and mention there solution. This section provides an outline of the human resources required to operate the business, their skills and availability, and any training programs needed or in place.

It also describes any human resource issues facing the business, and how they will be addressed including staffing requirements and an analysis/ inventory of current human resource management practices, skills, processes and requirementsMethodology: In order to make that study several activities has been performed and mainly used direct interview and observation from the Southeast Bank Limited. This organization is a well-known organization in the banking sector in Bangladesh. To collect the primary information especially from the HR manager of Southeast Bank Limited who helped a lot for making that study possible. With a view to collecting relevant information, other staff from Southeast Bank Limited, co-operate enough as well. In addition to this study necessary data were collected from secondary source such as books, reports, newspaper and internet.Besides this other desired information has been collected by making a discussion with knowledgeable people and friends. The method that is selected for the collection of data, taking into consideration the nature of investigation, objective and scope of the enquiry is: Focus Group Research: In this method the researchers focused on the attention upon a given experience and its effects.

We developed both open and close ended questionnaire for the focus group research Limitation: They are so busy in there works but this is not a limitation. For our valuable interview we need to go there 6 times.With 1 or 2 interview it’s not possible to carry out the actual scenario of the organization.

Section 2 Function of the HRM in the particular Organization I. HR Planning: We are describing HP planning here theoretically. We also try to mach up with this particular organization. Step 1 – Conduct a Departmental Strategic Analysis The goal of the HRM plan is to support and reinforce the department’s objectives and programs. The first step in developing the plan is to obtain a clear understanding of the department’s objectives, programs and key challenges. This understanding can be obtained by conducting a strategic analysis.

Step 2 – Identify Strategic HR Issues Once a clear understanding of the department’s objectives, direction and key challenges is established, the next step in formulating the HRM plan is to identify the department’s strategic HR issues. These are the key HR issues that will affect the department’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The HRM plan will need to address how to manage these issues. Step 3 – Identify Ongoing HR Issues In addition to the strategic HR issues identified in the previous step, the department’s key ongoing HR issues (general HR issues not linked to specific strategic objectives or issues) must be identified.The HRM plan must address the key ongoing HR issues; otherwise these issues may eventually escalate, impacting the morale and effectiveness of the department. Step 4 – Priorities the HR Issues and Determine Actions Up to this point, the strategic and ongoing HR issues facing the department have been compiled. Not all the issues will be of equal importance or urgency. They need to be prioritized with the input of the top management team.

Prioritizing the issues helps ensure that the HRM plan focuses on the department’s most critical issues. Step 5 – Draw up the HRM planOnce the HR issues have been prioritized and the top management team has given their input into the direction of the HRM plan, the plan is ready to be drawn up. The plan is unique and specific to the department. It represents the top management team’s collective view on how the identified HR issues are to be addressed.

In this organization the HR department is trying to achieve the organizations goal and strategy by HR. 2. Recruitment: Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirement of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it.After this analysis they find out the key responsibilities and search people for those responsibilities.

a)Analyze recruitment needs and develop HR plans for the overall organization & design tools & techniques for recruitment process. b)Work on creating a strong Employer Brand to attract quality candidates c)Design & arrange the induction programs for new joiners. They search for recruitment with newspaper ads. But they also take employee from employee reference. And some others who are maintain the security system, that people are hired from security company GS4.

For example we mentioned a job advertisement.HR Officer Store this Job to My BdJobs Cart No. of Vacancies : 01 Job Description / Responsibility To assist hiring procedure To preparing monthly report To perform any other HR related works or any other tasks to be assigned to him/her by Head of the Department Educational Requirements Master of Commerce/ Business Administration/ Finance or related subject from aany recognized University/ and MBA (Major HRM)/ Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from any recognized University/ Institute. Experience Requirements At least 3 year(s) Additional Job Requirements Age Below or equal to 35 year(s)Punctuality in attendance Enhancing iknowledge and skills in he relevant field Develop excellent inerpersonal skills and rapport with all peers and colleagues Carry out other tasks assigned by any other competent authority.

Practical Computer lieracy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is must. Analytical and creative ability Excellent communication and inter personal skill, customer focus, team player Job Location Anywhere in Bangladesh Job Source Bdjobs. com Online job posting 3. Selection: Company has an individual selection process.

Candidates are applied on the particular post then the company selected some CV.Those candidates are invited for written test. After the written test the company calls the selected employee for interview. There will be an interview board.

Finally the company checking the medical report for selected employee. They offer ether conditional job offer or permanent job offer. Both types of employee we found there. Some times organization selects some employee from internal source, like recruit an employee from immediate lowest post.

They also select some people from interns those are talent and well educated. 4. Tanning and Development: They always make employee orientation for new comers.And they need to take 3months on the job training. There are not any training outside the organization. Each employee who are in the middle management the need to change their job operation because as banking employee must know the whole operation of this bank. Identify and document the training and development needs of the staff of the company through consultation with the Divisional Heads.

Develop annual Training and Development plan for the Human Resource of the Company based on feedback from relevant Divisional Heads. Source out appropriate training programs (either internally or externally) as per the Training and Development Plan. . Performance Appraisal: Design an effective performance management system based on best practices and company businesses in consultation with Divisional Heads and the Board of Directors Educate the evaluators to the system to ensure proper adherence to the system Carry out performance appraisal system in specific intervals & monitoring performance in a specific performance management framework In the case of performance appraisal the always try to apply observation method. In the basis of their performance, efficiency, bond and commitment with the organization.Its also a quantitative measurement. 6.

Compensation Management: Conduct salary survey to understand the salary and benefits offered by other companies in the similar sector. Undertake job evaluations to identify that the difference in pay among those doing different jobs are fair and perceived to be so to ensure that the capacity of each person is optimally utilized with minimal idle and redundant resources. Design and implement new salary and benefits package as per the need.

Section 3 Summary of the findings: We are tried to achieve the actual practice of HRM in this organization.Where one person can control a business then there is no need to apply accounting knowledge, as like as when an organization need to maintain a large number of employee then we need HRM. We are watching this HRM function from very closely by this study. The main findings are known the HR function from closely. Section 4 Problem Identification: Though we visited the workplace with a very short time, we feel that some employees are in heavy stress and they have not only 1sec for others. We all know an employee can’t give efficient output with having stress. We also observed that, all people are not too busy.Some are so relaxed.

There will be equal work pressure for all employees. Recommendation and conclusion: Although this organization is a well known organization. Here we not find any serious failure or problem. Some thing we see there that is the cause of organizational politics. From the analysis with the organization HRM structure we have seen that its span of super vision is too large. A number of departments report directly to the general manager.

If the number were less the efficiency and productivity of the organization might be increased. HRM department should remain prompt always.So that it can maintain a certain level of standard as per the market demand to share it should strive more. In this competitive market there is a less contribution of marketing promotion in the market. Some banks are acquiring market share with aggressive marketing.

Appendix: We have developing a questioner and that will be given below: a)Can you say about your HR planning? And how successfully it had worked in last time? b)When you need how you collect employee? What is the process? c)Which process do you think more effective? d)In the case of employee selection can you tell about the viva board? )Do you need training and developmentIn case of new employee? f)If yes, which type of method you practice? g)In the case of outdoor training which venue do you preferred? h)Is there any employee orientation for your employee? i)Is there any Performance appraisal system in your organization? j)If yes, tell the system. Is it working efficiently? k)In the last tell something about your compensation management. Books and reference: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins. Eighth Edition.

www. farmcentre. ca Human Resources Development Canada www.

hrsdc. gc. ca/en/isp/cpp/cpptoc. shtml


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