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Last updated: June 13, 2019

Francisco Goya Artists frequently respond to the world around them and this is highly evident with the Romanists artist Francisco Goya in his painting Colossus (panic) c. 1808, through his unique visual language; The language of his unique painting style, through his use of personal symbols for example the Colossus figure and the gesture of the face of the Colossus and its fist.Goya’s painting technique is using long brush strokes especially in the sky with exaggeration of the sky on the dawn. Goya has also been known to use dramatic light and contrasting effects this effect highlights the figure of the Colossus (giant) and the people he is protecting below on the ground. Goya is trying to communicate his feelings and perceptions of the Spanish War of Independence threw this painting.

Goya creates a very personal, imaginative interpretations of his immediate world.His works are extremely emotional warnings about society in particular his concern for The War of Independence thus creating a direct reaction with his audience. The symbols that Goya uses in his painting are the colossus and the person on the ground he is protecting, the colossus symbolizes power with its clenched fists as he hovers over the helpless people below ready to protect them and their animals. He is Goya’s representation of a guardian spirit of Spain.The painting outlines Goya’s concern for the French invasion of Spain in the war of Independence. The gestures on the face of the Colossus with its rich tonal contrasts and strong diagonal directions make out the fierce facial expression shows seriousness to the concern of the invasion. The meaning is not 100% but the main interpretation is that the Colossus is protecting the Spanish village against the army of Napoleon who was often referred to as “The Colossus of Europe”.

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Colossus in Goya’s painting represents the spirit of resistance, which provoked Spaniard to engage in bloody confrontations with Napoleon’s troops, and the motionless foreground donkey seems to imply that the servitude of the Spanish peasants, who lived in poverty, would remain unchanged no matter who ruled Spain. This is evident through his use of long split canes to manipulate thick masses of paint to the surface of the canvas. In conclusion Goya’s artwork was his concern for the French invasion of Spain and he communicates this though his unique techniques and symbols.The symbols and gestures are strong in tone and power. His techniques in applying the paint to the canvas also helps establish this message he is communicating through the painting.

Jean Michael Basquait Artists frequently respond to the world around them and this is highly evident with the New York contempary artist Jean Michael Basquait. Through his unique visual language, the language of urban graffiti and integration of symbols in order to communicate his ideas, feelings and perceptions of heroes and cultural heritage.


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