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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Our knowledge about soil and its essence will help us understand well the flow of the work. Noting that soil is thin surface covering that overlies the bedrock of most of the land area on earth.

It is the resource that, along with water and air, provides the basis of life existence. Soil is develop when rocks is broken down by weathering and is exchange through interaction with the environment. Organic matter becomes incorporated into soil as the activity of the living organism.

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Soil contains water, minerals and gases. The soil system is dynamic and is a good medium of carriers of all infectious, non-infectious or other particles in it. In fact, in the soil system, water can do easily to propagate those particles. Knowing that water and gas are fluids that are the best medium in propagation of particles as well. It will reach even to the most remote areas carrying over the particles from one place to another.The second slide explains us the statement of the problem that we encounter in our process of analyzing the sample in a scientific methods of doing the analysis as well.

The third slide will help us to do the process of analyzing the sample. It was mention on this slide the materials and the background of the soil sample we have had analyzed. Likewise the fourth slide explains Sampling problem areas and the procedure at which the flow of analysis was done. The fifth up to sixth slide will be the tables of the investigation done in the analysis. Together with the investigation were the summary and conclusion resulting the product of the methodology on soil research. The result of the analysis will be the basis for the company’s project.

So there must be a keen and thorough analysis done to the sample.


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