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Part I – SummaryZeigler (2007) argues that sports management must be based on a tenable theory for the simple reason that sports must essentially benefit society.  The fact that sports management is often marred by corruption, which ultimately catches the attention of the media, suggests that the sports of our times are not benefiting society as they must.  Moreover, the author mentions obesity as a problem that the young people of the United States are increasingly confronting, despite the enormous amount of resources vested in sports management that should have basically inspired all people to become healthier.  Hence, the author believes that sports management needs a theory to answer the following questions: “What are we really promoting, and do we know why we are doing it? (301)”  He does not claim to know the answers to the above questions.

  All the same, he is convinced that it is necessary to develop a theory of sports management that would allow us to assess whether competitive sports, as we know them, are truly benefiting society.Part II – CritiqueThe information presented in the article is relevant to the current issues of corruptions in sports management, such as the bribery controversy surrounding the Salt Lake City Olympics; apart from the current health problems facing the youth of the United States.  Additionally, the author describes the need for a tenable theory of sports management after reviewing the current literature on the subject.  He mentions several authors, such as Sage (1998), whom he agrees with.

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  This is because their writings expand on the subject under discussion.  He also cites his own writings, as well as the researches of others to elaborate on the subject.  Furthermore, he uses direct quotations from the writing of Griffiths (1959).I enjoyed the author’s questioning approach on the subject of formulating a theory of sports management that would permit us to assess whether sports of our times are truly benefiting society.

  The article is interesting as it views sports management as an interdisciplinary subject.  Presenting a thorough discussion of the current state of affairs in sports management, the content of the article leaves the reader in search of the theory.  


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