Nowadays the role of decision-making is rather important and can be neither ignored nor neglected.

With rapid development in computer and computer-related fields many companies are trying to work out new decision-making software to make this process easier and more available for people. Spotfire seems to be one of the fastest and the most convenient decision-making software because it is completely customer-oriented providing the best options. Spotfire and its decision-making software provide the best organization and delivering of information stressing that these moments are critical when choosing software. Therefore, they ensure faster decision-making.

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Spotfire’s software allows customers asking questions as well as sharing information and getting answers. Spotfire provides business analytic applications making data visible and transparent. (Spotfire 2007)Actually, Spotfire is available for all users within organization because its interface is rather simple and doesn’t cause any difficulties when dealing with it. Furthermore, users are allowed to gain faster insight and to become more confident. Consequently, organization is able to become more competitive because users can act more swiftly ensuring better decision-making process. Nowadays many organizations value the role of decision-making software. They say that Spotfire’s software help with visual charts, diagrams, plots and other complex data, etc.

Spotfire ensures interactive analysis and visual data analysis. (Spotfire 2007)I think that Spotfire along with its up-to-date software is able to improve decision-making process, to make it faster and simpler because users are allowed to view information from multiple dimensions, to change filters and levels in real time. Spotfire provides easily customized software aimed at minimizing defects, responding quickly to changing conditions and optimizing performance.

Spotfire software would strongly affect the way users frame their decisions because users would be allowed to make annotations of information needed for work. (Spotfire 2007)ReferencesDecision-Making Software: Spotfire. (2007). Retrieved June 13, 2007, from 



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