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Last updated: March 24, 2019

Sharing the household responsibilities between husband and wife has become the norm in most families today. The following essay outlines the reasons and logic behind the importance of sharing household tasks. With today’s economic structure both spouses generally work. Two incomes are often required in order for the couple to make ends meet. Many personal and Financial factors contribute to this common problem.These include inadequate wages, high taxes, and multiple personal expenses.

Another reason for two-income marriage household is change in social structure that has occurred over the past 50to60 years. Unlike earlier where the workplace consisted almost exclusively of men, today’s employment world has structured itself to allow women in the workforce. Changes and new developments in technology, as well as the creation of new types of service and medical-related jobs have opened up many opportunities’ for women that historically were non- existent.Another reason for both spouses working is the range of extra health and retirement benefits that each receives from his/her employer.

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According to an article from About. com, ”Stay home with kids[Instead of the mother working outside the home] can pose a huge economic loss later”. Thus, both the wife and husband cite future economic security as a important motive in establishing a two- income household. Changes in required skills have also contributed to the modern structure of marriage and employment world.In many household, cross-gender tasks are often performed. Sometimes the husband may clean the house while the wife works in the yard. This trading of traditional gender-related tasks has often spilled over into the workforce, resulting in the things like men becoming nurses, and women becoming auto mechanics.

With the gender roles more loosely defined in today’s society, husbands may even care for the children while wives perform household maintance.Although both spouses jobs may not always be conducive (e. g. one spouse work odd hours, works nights and weekends, and overtime, resulting in long hours away from family and serve exhaustion), marital life is still balance. This is due to both husband and wife sharing responsibilities in a manner that relieves undue stress on both parties and proves an atmosphere of nurturing.

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