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Last updated: February 27, 2019

SS20 is an online store based in the UK offering everything to do with Skating from Clothing to Skates, Skateboards, Snowboards, shoes to Tutorials. The company has been in existence from 1988 onwards and also sponsors skating events to promote the sport and the store. Skating in the UK  is enjoying growing popularity with the mushrooming of indoor rinks all over the country offering kids and adults alike the chance to skate through the year. The business environment is tough and competitive with a number of companies in the same business.

There are also a growing number of sporting goods stores and discount shops offering the customer the chance to pick up products and walk out instead of ordering on the internet and waiting for the mail order to be delivered. This also gives the customer a tangential feel of the product and such stores are able to attract more customers even convert walk ins into sales. In the current business scenario companies like Nike prefer to be visible everywhere and are taking up shelf space in every possible popular location.

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Therefore SS2O offers the same products as available elsewhere. Branded companies would also prefer to supply their latest and largest lots to stores with walk in customers. There is also an increasing trend of such companies setting up their own outlets stocking all their merchandise under one roof. This gives the supplier a chance to sell a bundle of products. SS2O maintains that its better to buy from stores run by professional skaters, in the current world professionals are available for hire from around the world.

Except for a few serious skaters, most people are into skating because it’s a popular sport, so they are seen to go in for style rather than substance, which calls for a glib talking marketer.Therefore SS2O is living in a fast paced environment where competition is omnipresent. The company needs to think about opening a chain of stores or supplying from multiple locations instead of just from Oxford.


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