Standard English Accent

It is a matter of fact that English play important role in Chinese economy and other aspect, though influence of non-Standard English is great and thus can’t be ignored. Actually the rates of Standard English have declined significantly nowadays. Therefore, it is apparent that Standard English has to be taught, because economy depends on international cooperation and for other countries it would be difficult to understand non-English accent as it varies from region to region and from one country to another. There is no a sole pattern of non-Standard English and it means that Standard accent has to be the primal.

Chinese population must be able to write and to speak Standard English the same way as in English-speaking countries. Nevertheless, Chinese may speak non-Standard accent in casual situation, though when Standard English is required, government should emphasize its importance.It is known that English is the most flexible and fluent language and Chinese, foe example, can shift registers stating that English is their second language and they can speak it in their own way. Despite that fact that English isn’t the primary language, government mustn’t ignore Standard English and should promote it. For example, many European countries manage to use Standard English and china mustn’t be an exception. Thus China has to avoid incomprehensible local patois.

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Chinese children hear English around them, although they don’t realize whether the word is pronounced right or wrong. Therefore schools have to pay special attention to proper pronunciation and grammar at English lessons.  Different methodologies exist to teach English as a second language. Thus students have to be taken through “all the nuts and bolts” of Standard English. Furthermore, grammar has to be carefully explained and memorized as well as inflections would be recited.

Teachers should demonstrate illegal and legal sentence structures and explain them meticulously. China is able to increase Standard English in case if government pays more attention to it.


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