Start Voting

We live in a democratic country and this implies that we are given the chance to choice who and who not gets into office but many people, especially teenagers brush this rare privilege aside. The purpose of my paper will be to explain why teenagers should start voting. You probably have heard that teenagers are not proven and that they are just too unproven and immature and the bottom line is the fact that they do not have a mind of their own. This view is held by so many people even in our contemporary world. The question here is how true are these assertions? Also, curiosity will make me inquire how disenfranchising teenagers have aided growth in our country.I will love to make an initial position that I think that it is now time that the teenagers should start voting.

The first reason I will give to back up this view of mine is the fact that the very aim of the electoral process is to allow the governed, who are sane and informed to make a choice in who they want in power. If this is true then I think the teenagers have a right and should start voting. This is because age and maturity are two different things.Also, I want to say here that the most concerned set of people when it comes to the electoral process is the teenagers. Why? One might ask. The reason is the fact that teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow and their future is what is at stake.

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If you are a teenager and you have not started voting, then your future are at stake. You must be able to decide what goes on in your country for what goes on in your country automatically affects you so get on your feet and vote.Furthermore, teenagers should start voting because the truth is that when they are not voting, someone else is making their choice for them. Their indecision is still a decision.

The truth is that when you as a teenager decide to avoid voting then, you do not have a right to complain about bad leadership or what a leader is not doing right.Finally, the only reason where democracy will work is when the young and the old stand on their toes to vote. 



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