Statement of Nursing Philosophy

The health and welfare of each individual is important. This is the primary necessity in the realization of the value of life as human need to be satisfied in their overall health to become productive and in turn realize their significance as part of the humanity. Addressing this idealism is not only a matter of ethical or religious view but also a mean of justifying the humanitarian aspect in each person. Thus, is important to reach out towards the needs of others towards the health needs for promoting their overall welfare.Under this idealism that the statement of nursing philosophy applies wherein individuals who engaged in this profession have the motive, desire, and dedication to promote the health and welfare of the society. Under this philosophy, the primary mission in this field is to provide high quality healthcare service under the jurisdiction of the tasks and responsibilities in the nursing field.

Individuals under this profession must be willing to commit their effort and passion to serve the benefit of the people in promoting their health condition. Indeed, the philosophy under the application of the nursing field must be under the oath of servitude to the society for the promotion of their health benefits and welfare.In the application of this philosophy, it is also important for a professional in this field to have a clear grasp of the aspects and limitations of the nursing profession. As primarily defined, nursing commonly manifests through direct interaction with the patient regarding the application of his healthcare needs. As needed, nursing personnel must also be ready to give psychological support for the patient for his or her recuperation and development. Thus, nursing professionals must act as an additional life support system for their patient in tending their basic needs and assisting their in the recovery process.

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Indeed, nursing personnel must also be concern in providing moral support, encouragement and psychological strengthening for their patients in relation to their healthcare aspect.As part also of the nursing profession, individuals in this field must also realize their mission towards the improvement of the healthcare field aside from the practical application. Concern regarding the development of the practice through research and innovation is also important to development their field of health servitude for the needing people. Professionals in this field must be open to embrace changes toward the betterment and as the situation requires under the pursuit of promoting the welfare of the patient. Under this concept that flexibility must be accepted by the individuals in this field as part of their profession and their philosophy of prioritizing the needs and health of their patients.Another important element also in the philosophy statement of the nursing profession is the value of collaboration and cooperation within the individual in the field and their counterparts in the other professions.

Under this rule that each nursing professional must be willing to take part in a collective action for the realization of their mission and purpose. Collaboration between professionals in various healthcare fields is common in this aspect as they all operate under a single motive. Because of this, nursing professionals must be able to cooperative function inside the collective healthcare aspect and provide their services as part of the groupIn the practice of the nursing profession, the personal views and characteristics of the individuals in the field is significant as they can influence the motive and nature of his or her actions. As previously stated, the nursing field is important and that individuals who wishes to take part in this service must fully realize that function for them to operate effectively. This is primarily the main motivation people have in joining the field of nursing practice. To serve the health and welfare of the needed individuals is an honorable work in applying this in the institutionalized practice of nursing profession is likewise noble. In this practice, one is able to transcend personal interest and be enlightened instead regarding the needs of others.  In return to this, the society offers a commensurable career for the individuals willing to be part of the nursing field.

Added to this are the other social and institutionalized benefits given to people serving under this philosophy. In general, the nursing profession manifests as a noble approach in attending to the healthcare needs of the society while in part manifesting as a commensurable career for its willing partakers.Because of the significance of the nursing field, it also has important qualifications given to the individuals willing to take the practice. The most basic in these requirements is the formal nursing education and training given by most institutions in the form of bachelor’s degree and the actual practicum.

Completion of these basic requirements with passing evaluation and the attainment of the needed professional licenses allows the person the opportunity to practice the nursing field as both a formal profession and career. Further progress in this healthcare field requires higher training such as experience in actual practice and formal masteral education opens up the opportunity for the nursing professional for organizational promotion and higher nursing practice. These requirements are mainly established to equip the individual entering this field the needed education and professional training to make them competent and productive professional in the nursing field.

In general, the nursing profession manifests to be both a science and an art of towards providing healthcare service to the society through improving their physical and psychological well-being. Under this general philosophy that individuals in this field must perform and function in the actual application of their profession of assisting patients in their recuperation and recovery, health adversities, providing support towards other healthcare field for their common objective, and developing the nursing aspect to enhance its effectivity and function for the benefit of the society. Thus, adhering to the statement of philosophy of the nursing profession will effectively provide the society high quality and dependable patient care for to promote their health and welfare as human beings.   

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