Stay on sidewalks

The safety of the pedestrians as well as of the commuters who are to vacate their vehicles is one main concern that must be addressed for the reason that the safety of the general public is at stake. Sidewalks have been one of the main solutions formulated so as to address this issue as well as to remove the possible occurrence of not only road mishaps but also accidents that involve the pedestrians themselves.

Pedestrian injuries have been a common aspect concerning issues with regards to health hazards posed by walking on unsafe streets. With the number of vehicles travelling roads that range from highways down to narrow streets increasing every year, the proportion of the number of injuries related to road accidents increase with the an surmounting degree. Research shows that in 2002 about 43,000 small children whose age group belongs to 14 and below were brought to the emergency section of hospitals all-over the country due to injuries sustained from walking on streets, and that only a quarter of these accidents were not related to the vehicles travelling on such roads.

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Therefore, the problems that have arisen from these events must necessarily be addressed for it involves human lives and the welfare of the general public, not to mention the children. In order to deter the existing hazards to the lives of people, it is strongly encourage that pedestrians ought to stay on sidewalks. Sidewalks are designed to provide pedestrians a safer path to travel especially in times when road traffic is voluminous and that the rate of the speed of passing vehicles is fast. This will be effective in securing the welfare of the pedestrians for the reason that it preempts instances of vehicle-related injuries as well as injuries caused by other pedestrians. 



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