Why should street racing be legal and how to make it legal?

Street racing is the act of having a share in an aggressive speed test between two or more cars (Armstrong and Steinhardt 1).  Street racing usually involves a young crowd and most of the times they perform their activities in an underground manner to prevent the police from catching them and it shows major risks of critical personal injury (Glensor and Peak 1).This kind of racing had involved individuals from varying age groups. Police suspect that there are a number of racers join in illegal activities in order to have enough funds for their hobby. Maintaining race cars could be very expensive since high performance equipment could cost more than $10,000 (Glensor and Peak 3).

Back to the 1950s American street racing tradition had been seen on movies. It has been more popular when the movie “Fast and the Furious” was shown. It has shown daring and impressive stunt scenes. Though the movie studio issued public service announcement that promoted driving which is safe and legal, the film probably gave fresh ideas to street racers (Glensor and Peak 2).Not only do older people or the adults show a bad example. Media has sensationalized the need for speed as well as reckless driving. Dangerous stunts, a lot of swerving, and perilous chases are shown in commercials inducing to the minds of the audience the need for speed thus increasing the chances of taking the risk (Safety Canada 4).  These individuals most of the times are unmotivated and they get the good feeling either by driving real fast, skydiving, climbing mountains or worse breaking the law.

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They might have been trying to prove something to someone or to themselves. Some of them do not mind the danger or the risk of being injured or facing death (Glenn 3).The news and the movies have shown individuals racing their cars on the open road for bragging rights and there may be times it even involves money. It is with no amazement that there are thousands or even more teenagers from all over the world are paying so much on modifying and racing their cars (Need for Speed 1).Street racing has been rampant due to several reasons. It has been a means of socialization especially to the young crowd.

It lets car owners to show off their vehicles. Cars are a big portion of the culture of Americans, and individuals value the freedom of the open road and they have the concept of driving wherever and whenever one wants (Glensor and Peak 5).A large number of street racing back in the 1990’s has caused critical injuries and deaths among participants as well as the spectators. Victims included police officers and bystanders.

Most participants are thrill seekers and some of them find excitement on busy streets, in traffic and in locations where they may encounter unexpected problems or a police patrol (Valiquet 3).Street racing is an unsafe, illegal activity that puts people who are innocent in danger (Ministry of the Attorney General 2). However if it would be made legal then it would decrease the chances of it causing damages or harm to individuals. It is impossible to ban or completely eliminate street racing. There were attempts made years back but those were unsuccessful. So the best thing would be to make it legal to reduce the possible risks of this.There are only certain locations where street racing is legal. Illegal racing seem to be low in areas where legal street racing is held weekly compared to locations where it is held once a month (Leigh 4).

Illegal racing seems to attract a lot of individuals because of the excitement it brings compared to legal racing (Leigh 5). By making it legal could probably lessen the injuries and deaths caused by street racing. Since there would be proper procedures to be followed and safety measures to be observed. Injuries obtained by the spectators would be lessened as well if not avoided.

How to make it legal is the question now? By temporarily closing the locations affected by the racing event. The participants, course officials, and volunteers should sign a well written, definite and clear waiver of liability. This should be enough to keep the city from actions taking place from injuries and deaths happening on city property during the event. Parental consent is needed to let minor racers to participate in the event.

Aside from these legalities, a proper venue, proper procedure and proper implementation should be considered as well (Gwinn 4-6). These are just some of the guidelines to follow on how to legalize street racing. 

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