Students and Part Time Jobs

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Last updated: June 3, 2019

While in line to purchase movie tickets at the theatres after school, I encountered several of my classmates working as ticket vendors. Having a part-time job has become very popular amongst students today. According to Statistics Canada, about 15% of postsecondary students in Canada engage in part-time work during school year. Having a part-time job for a student is beneficial because it provides them with work experience, teaches them to become more responsible, and allows them to be financially independent.

In today’s labour market as well as institutions of higher learning, prospective employers as well as university admissions officials look at more than just the GPA of a student. Having a part-time job experience speaks positively for a student having practical exposure to the real world. In addition, work experience can provide a reference for future job opportunities. A student’s life revolves around attendance at school and completing assignments in a timely manner. However, when a student starts working part-time, several other considerations become very important.

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For instance, time management acquires a new and serious meaning with respect to balancing time devoted to school against time spent at work. One also needs to develop money management skills to keep one’s personal finances in order, as one starts to earn. This experience teaches the student the value of money and the need to save for future needs. While education broadens a student’s horizons, the ability to start earning gives him, or her, a taste for achieving financial independence over time.

Although the amount of earnings may not be substantial, but it can certainly meet small financial obligations.


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