Studio Arts Design Brief

My theme for studio arts 2011 is music.

My concept will include the use of relevant musical symbology, illustrated instruments and portraits of my favorite musicians. I enjoy painting so I have decided that paint is my preferred medium. I plan to use expressive bright colors to create a musical art work.My inspiration comes from my favorite musical Art artist, by the name of RJ hohimer. His artwork is about the jazz genre, he loves to create an artwork about music, which includes people dancing to the music playing. Another of my inspirations is and also came from my favorite musician and my favorite RNB song, Jay-Z and the song is “Empire State of Mind”.My inspiration was also came from Ken Myer jr, I saw one his artwork when I was looking some of the picture that could give me an idea for my final artwork, this artwork that was made by him turned my attention, the picture looks singing while playing the guitar , and looks the person really feels and enjoying the sound of music, like the music controlling the person to play well, Jay-z inspired me as the person who’s enjoying the music especially rap music/genre like what he’s doing, I don’t really know why I like it but the thing is when I start to hear this kind of music I’m like start to feel happiness, remember something that made me feel better, I like the rap music/genre than the other kind of genre its really sound awesome for me, music is part of our life everyone like and love to hear music, because music is also does a lot of meaning, emotion and etc. The song calms me and I enjoy the story of which it tells.

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When listening to the song I feel as though I experience being in New York and when in the shoes of the singer. This song really turned my attention to the music of RNB when I first heard it on the radio, at that time I was lying on my bed and listening to the radio waiting for a music that could bring me a good mood. When I first heard it I felt cool and I began to imitate the singer and dance a perform . I had discovered a new personal passion. Music has a lot of meaning to me; music is something that is always with me. It is something for my mind, my body and my soul. It is more than just the “soundtrack” of my life, it is one of the most fundamental components of my life, like food or water or thinking.

It is with me every day, music sometimes brings me down, most times it make me feel good even mad and so on music really does poses the power to make me feel many emotions. In order to visually portray my passion for music and my favorite artist and song ,I will Produce a large canvas painting using a variety of paints and associated mediums , I plan on using bright emotive colours that refer my feelings towards the song “Empire State of Mind”. The lyrics play a very important part in making decisions about what I will paint on my canvas . For example “I can make it anywhere” could be visually interpreted as freedom. I would like to include liberty as symbols of the New York City or “Light is blinding”- this part referring the bright colors’ as blinding lights.


Author: Alex Ray


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