Summary of Decolonizing Methodologies in Western Development

In this article, the author synthesizes the information regarding the evolution of colonized knowledge.

The human ability to adapt to surroundings or Natural Selection has directed the evolution of knowledge to counter many needs the world fostered throughout history. The author’s formality with the revolutionized network of extraordinary scientists place begs a question of validity. If there were more direct references, readers will see the relation between the development of human thought and the outcomes it had on the economy.Imperialist views penetrated the change in colonies’ self-concepts and triggered massive production opportunities throughout the Western regions during its time. References to the Enlightenment, the growth of Imperialism and Modernism touches base with the essentials of human knowledge through industrial means (p.58).

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The Enlightenment stages of Western philosophic grounding were the fuel behind the rapid progress made through community efforts.The author’s explanation of Joseph Banks discussion of ecological imperialism counted for a distinguished description of the evolution within the whole article (p.62). For example, the colonists started to analyze all of the actions occurring around them. Their focus was more subtle and direct with complete progress towards a modernized economy.

Correlation between the ecologist point of view with that of an economists and philosophic perspective develops into a more profound discussion (p. 59). More changes within the Modernism stages of human development allowed colonies to develop distinguished intellects or individuals that could lead the whole community.I did not have the complete bibliographic information to input the year for the APA format

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