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Parenting is a step-by-step process that affects both the child and parent; the parents playing a very important role of supporting the development of the child. It is a participatory process, wherein it is aimed to involve not only the developing child, but also their respective parents. The parenting concept is considered as an important facilitator of the development of children. Responsible parenting doesn’t have to end with providing the necessary materials or means in order for the child to live in a safe and sustaining environment, but should also provide the opportunities that would induce and guide them in their development. Parents should basically provide all the essential materials that are needed in a growing child.Methods and MaterialsThe majority of parents in Australia are involved in responsible parenting; a large number of parents are doing their job properly in raising their children and caring for their families. It showed the relationship between the efficiency of parents and the functioning of their children, wherein it was established that parents who devote a great deal of effort when it comes to parenting results to the better functioning of their infants.

What came up was that the family parenting and characteristics are essential for the development of children, wherein parenting practices play a great role in doing so.ResultsIt has been found that responsible parenting results to an effective performance of the child. This includes the provision of the basic needs of the child plus the care and concern that they need, along with the guidance that is provided by the parents to facilitate their growth.

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DiscussionWhen it comes to children’s development, there is also a significant effect with regards to parental income, the educational attainment, their jobs, the basic structure of the family, and the well being of the parents. The outcomes remain the same when it was compared to varying situations: poorer parenting quality eventually leads to a poorer developmental outcome for children and infants tested.


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