Summer with Leprechauns

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Last updated: March 4, 2019

A charismatic commercial advisor with the name Tanis Halliwell of Ireland pictured out her wonderful experience when she was in a deep meditation in a hut.   She had this chance encounter and link up with an enchanting fairy who told to her of mankind’s problem. It is about some peoples’ ruthless efforts causing degradation of the ecosystem which happens to be owned and habituated not only by men but also by the communities of Leprechauns.  It is a communal ecosystem shared by men and the kingdom of the Leprechauns.

This is not however a case without hope, unless a collaboration would be had between the fairies and humankind of course.She was inspired by the fairy to write a bona fide tale of their meeting.  Included would be the enthusiasm of the society of fairies: to work with passionate individuals, to establish a collaborative endeavor, to continue to work for the betterment of people as well as individual needs, and an avenue for interested individuals to communicate with Leprechauns.In reality, Tanis Halliwell had been into discovering the authenticity of the existence of elementals or those which people can not see and yet they are commonly known to be fellow creations.  That is, as men are reproduced grow, develop, mature, marry and die, they too, go through the same stages in life.

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Their advantages from mankind are their abilities to see what men can not, and their abilities to travel without the sense of time as men does.  However, all the other aspects of life and living are similar.  


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