Swiss Chalet Media Brief

Product Identification and Marketing Objectives Key Issues The company is Swiss Chalet, a chain of Canadian family restaurants. Key issues facing Swiss Chalet and family restaurants: I. Swiss Chalet has changed its slogan several times in the past decade; from 1980s- “Swiss Chalet, Okay! “ and five more times between then and 2008, in which they are current using the slogan “Always so good for so little.

” In order for people to find a brand memorable, the slogan representing the company should remain simple and consistent.Not only that, but restaurants such as McDonalds, what was once deemed a fast food chain, are now becoming more and more “family restaurant” oriented. This poses a problem for chains such as Swiss Chalet, because although they offer a homier sit down feel, these fast food chains offer large quantities of food for half the price. II. III. Recent (past 5 years) Promotions by Swiss Chalet: The festive special: A limited time only holiday dinner that includes cranberry sauce and Lindt Chocolate as well as a coupon for buy one get one free quarter chicken dinner.Dip’ N win Contest. 15 minute guarantee lunches.

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Recently Swiss Chalet have been promoting Ribs, which have been marinated for 24 hours and a must have a long with the famous rotisserie chicken. Geography The agency can see that 71. 8 percent of the population (in Ontario) consists of people who visit Swiss Chalet restaurants, which is also the region that has the most visitors of Family Restaurants in general. However, Ontario has the lowest Brand Opportunity out of all of the regions. he chart also shows, Quebec has the highest brand opportunity for Swiss Chalet, although their percent of family restaurant goers is relatively low. If the agency looks at Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Alberta in terms of Category and Brand Development index, it is clear to see that consumers are more likely to visit family restaurants in these regions and are more likely to visit Swiss Chalet specifically. It is advised that the agency advertise in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Alberta first.

From this chart, the agency can see which regions are top geographic priorities for advertising Swiss Chalet restaurants. Atlanta, although having a low brand opportunity index, the region makes up for that by having high category and brand development indexes. With High CDI and BDI consumers are more likely to be eating in family restaurants, specifically Swiss Chalet in this region. Ontario also falls under the same situation. Whatever this region lacks in brand opportunity, it makes up for in category and brand development.Alberta however has a low brand development index and a high category index. This basically states that consumers are very likely to be eating at family restaurants; however, they are less likely to be eating at Swiss Chalet.

The upside is that the brand opportunity index in this region is relatively high. The best thing for the agency to do in this region is to go on the offensive and capture the attention of a high percent of family restaurant visitors. According to the Swiss Chalet Website, Alberta has 20 locations, Ontario has well over 50, and Atlantic Canada has 15 locations.Although that doesn’t seem like a lot, it actually makes up approximately 100 locations out of the 200+ locations of Swiss Chalets in Canada. Competition The top two competitors facing Swiss Chalet are Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza. a) Product similarity include the fact that all three restaurants offer the same range of food on their menus: Sandwiches, wraps, stir fry, steak, ribs, fish, wings, a variety of similar appetizers, and as for beverages: Pepsi, Tea’s and coffee, Canadian, Rickards, etc.

b) The total media spend for Kelsey’s restaurant is $3,301,032 and the total media spend for Boston Pizza restaurants is $4,600,880.Unlike Swiss Chalet, Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza both offer an email sign-up in which a consumer is offered a free appetizer for signing up. What the email sign-up gets the consumer is coupon offers, new menu item alerts, promotion alerts, and contest alerts. Kelsey’s Restaurants also pride themselves for their award winning wings by offering all you can eat wings Sunday to Wednesday and half priced wings on Thursdays. Some other promotions offered by Kelsey’s are $3.

99 every day for a limited time only and Hockey Night in Canada every Thursday where 60 prizes a night are given away.Kelsey’s also offers express lunches where if the consumer does not get their food in 15 minutes, then the meal is free. Creative Requirements Sounds are very important to recognizing Swiss Chalet, since there is no logo to associate with the brand. When heard on the radio, the jingle “Always so good for so little” is recognized by everyone.

Other creative requirements that have been successful in past advertising is showing visuals of the food, since Swiss Chalet is famous for their rotisserie chicken.



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