Syllabus Critique

Review the syllabus and answer the following:1          In one paragraph, give an overview of what the syllabus covers.

The syllabus covers all the essential course requirements and classroom policies of the instructor.  It also contains an overview of the workload that is to be given throughout the course of the subject and also the degree of professionalism that is required to excel in this course.  Aside from this, there are basic pointers on what the instructor wants the student to do and guidelines for complying with the submission requirement for the course.  There is also a section which contains the schedule for the activities in class and for the entire course outline and lectures.  To put it briefly, this outline is basically a survival kit for this course.

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2          Why is having good grammar so important to your education?The most integral part of learning is in being able to communicate the subject matter that is being discussed and in being able to communicate back to other people the substance of what has been learned.  Having good grammar an individual communicate properly with others and improves the chances of learning.  It also helps a person understand the material that is being taught by enabling the learner to properly comprehend the context within which certain instructional materials are being taught.  This makes it easier to not only increase the input through understanding but also improves the communication between individuals and thus facilitating a better exchange of knowledge and information.

  That is why good grammar is important to improving a person’s education.3          Why do you think so many advertisements for jobs emphasize, “Must have good communication skills?”The reason is because it is relevant for the proper performance of any job to be able to communicate properly with the other co-workers or clients.  Humans, being social beings, employ language as the main method of communicating.  Having substandard communication skills mean that individuals are not able to properly convey their thoughts to other people.  While they may have sincere and maybe even brilliant ideas, the inability to let other people know about them renders it ineffectual.  It is therefore important to have good communication skills to be able to perform any job which requires social interaction well.4          List and define the several components used to communicate your thoughts, actions, and feelings.  If you have the textbook, please skim chapter one for its explanation of communication.

  Without the text, use another reputable source (for example, the text from public speaking) to discuss the components of communicating effectively.Communicating properly requires many different things.  Perhaps the most important thing before anything else is the manner by which an individual comports himself because visual appeal plays a large role in being able to communicate effectively.  The next factor is the content and the manner by which the information is being communicated or in certain cases solicited.  This requires that a person must be able to have proper grammar, enunciation and more importantly use the words in their proper context.  The delivery must also be clear and unambiguous.

  Used properly, these components are sure to make any individual effective in communicating.5          By reading the syllabus and the criteria for professionalism, in one paragraph, describe the expectations for doing well in this course, as you understand them.Professionalism in this course entails that a person must develop the proper attitude in not only dealing with the teacher/instructor but also with the course itself.

  In order to do well, a person must exhibit a certain degree of responsibility that reflects the desire to learn as well as the maturity to be able to do the tasks required in the best way possible.  As professionals, there are no appeals to emotion, work will be judged on a purely objective level and performance is to be evaluated by what is presented and not how the emotions of the class or instructor are swayed.  Much like being in an office setting, students in this course are required to show responsiveness and commitment to not only personal learning but also to the progress of this course.  Doing well in this course therefore means that a no nonsense attitude must be adopted by any student enrolled in this course.6          Look up the word “also.”  List its alternatives on one line.

Too. As well. In addition to. And. What’s more.

Moreover. Furthermore. Besides. Additionally. Plus.7          Use these correctly in sentences:There’s a fly in my soup.There are many problems in the world today.

They’re not doing anything to solve these problems.Their view is that nothing should be done about these problems.It’s ironic that they feel this way about these problems.Its problem is not that they are apathetic but because they are lazy.One of this student’s problems in school always involves grammatical errors.

Students always feel that grammar is not important anymore.Students’ popular opinions are always echoed in the school paper.A student must study hard in order to excel in school. 8          Review the grammar tips.  Identify two or more areas you have difficulty with understanding the principles for writing better sentences AND WILL WORK ON.

Perhaps the two areas that will provide the most difficulty in understanding are the areas with regard to descriptive writing and being concise.  Descriptive writing is very difficult because it requires that the proper words be used and the tense of the verb is also very important.  Being brief and concise is also difficult because it is hard to find that single word that best describes the object or conveys the essence of the idea.

  These areas can however be improved upon through hard work and constant practice.  The course outline shows that there will be numerous opportunities for this and hopefully they will help in improving my performance in these areas.



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