Symbolic Interaction

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Last updated: March 9, 2019

Human beings are basically sociable individuals in nature. As part of their intrinsic human characteristics, they have their certain psychological and emotional need to interaction and communicate with other individuals in their social community. This concept will both address the need of the human beings for emotional and intellectual nourishment.Since social interaction is indeed important, human beings was able to develop and implement certain communication methods such as the most common form which is through verbal communication. In this aspect, human society was able to create communication patterns through the usage of distinct sounds and vocal ability. This is the most commonly and easiest social interaction pattern because their message and communicated ideas are already extrinsically literal in nature. On the other hand, another interaction pattern is also dominantly being use in the present society namely the symbolic interaction.

Symbolic InteractionSymbolic Interaction is mainly a theoretical perspective in the field of sociology wherein it denotes that a non-verbal or naturally intuitive form of communication is being held in social interactions of exchanging concepts and messages. This form does not also connotes literal meaning and that it is commonly visible thus, it usually takes the form of functional and symbolical definition that is true and being understood by the local social group who have the same idea and perspective on the said concept. This form of interaction can either be expressed through verbal aspect but not in the literal nature and through non-verbal which is manifested in forms such as gestures, actions, body expression, and signs.Language per se is created in nature of literal interpretation using the rules and guides predetermined during the development of the language. In this aspect, words actually encompass different meanings however these definitions are created with universal consideration for the uniformity of the language rule. In the contemporary society where symbolic interaction is dominantly being implemented, certain words are being created and connotated whose definition are actually in relation to their personal lifestyles and usage thus they becoming symbolically and functionally defined.

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The usage of these words and their understanding depends solely on the characteristics and nature of the local society using the word with their symbolical meaning. In this aspect, symbolical interaction is being develop and implemented in relation to everyday usage of the people involved.On the other hand, non-verbal communication or expressionism is the most common and dominant manifestation of the symbolical interaction in the society. This mainly involves the usage of signs and gestures whose meaning can be variably different and can only be understood by the people who practice the usage of the said symbol. Thus, through the usage of the symbolical social interaction approach, the society is actually deviating and developing the present communication process as inspired by their personal lifestyles and perspective in the society in general.

In this relation, social symbolical interaction is actually develop due to personal creation of symbols with differently meaning in their own lifestyles. The practice of this approach is uniquely differentiated with each social groups because their perception and definition of the used symbol is commonly in contrast with each other. The same people who uses the and are involved in a certain groups has their own relevant definition on the symbol as inspired by their own use of the he said concept in their own lifestyles. Since every people has their own unique lifestyle and that society is commonly segregated in accordance to the nature of each individual groups, symbolic interaction are also created and developed in this aspect.ConclusionSymbolic interaction should not be misinterpreted as the same with that of non-verbal languages that is used in the society. These languages are actually developed in relation to their certain social needs such as communication for the handicap thus they are formed with universal meaning.

On the other hand, symbolic interaction need certain social belongingness for it to be created and effectively implemented in a social group whose meaning can be significantly shared and be used in public. Thus, to understand and use the symbolic interaction approach, individuals must have social relationship and mutual comprehension with each other for them to effective communicate with each other using the said interactive form.Thus, symbolic interaction approach is indeed considered to be a contemporary implementation in the social communication aspect because it also effectively transmit messages and concepts between individuals and social groups.

This is actually anther forms of addressing and developing the significant social bond within the society of interacting and communicating with each other with mutual understanding and unity regarding the interpretation of a certain concept or idea.


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