Systems Development Life Cycle

In developing software, there are seven stages being followed by the software engineers that may or may not be connected with the organization that commissioned the development of this system.

The first stage is the feasibility study. This stage seeks to establish whether the organization has the capability to implement such a system. This stage is important in deciding whether or not the organization will pursue the project or not. This will be followed by the Analysis stage, which seeks to establish the needs of the organization and put it side by side with the available technologies (Cummings, et. al., 2005).After the analysis, the Design stage will follow, where the technical architecture and the model of the system will be built.

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When the design shall have been completed, it will be developed. The Development stage will install all the necessary components of the system such as the needed equipment, software, database and programs. This is what the organization will use.When every component is in place, then the system will be tested. Usually, there is a soft launch wherein the system will be pilot-tested in a small segment of the organization. This is the Testing stage, where glitches and shortcomings are identified and solved. This is necessary in order for the system to function well. After the testing stage and the system is found to be sufficient for the needs of the organization, then it will be rolled out and implemented in the whole organization.

When the organization is using the system, it will be necessary to perform regular Maintenance so that glitches are monitored, problems are contained and that the system still fulfills the needs of the company for the management of information (Cummings, et. al., 2005).

ReferenceCummings, M., Haag, S., & Phillips, A.

(2005). Management Information Systems for the Information Age (6th edn). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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