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Will Brenes Ferre English 11B October 7, 2010 Take a Stand- “People have become too dependent on computers. ” In 1981, IBM sold the first “PC”, made from an 8088 processor with a clock speed of 4. 77 MHz. It wasn’t the first computer ever made, but it was the first computer sold to ordinary people.

We have moved on, we have made changes, and we have progressed to enhance computers. Computers have found their way into many aspects of our lives. In most cases computers make things easier for us. Computers have helped us so much, yet people seem to think we have come to be too dependent on them.

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Are computers really hurting our lifestyles? They have allowed us to learn, to communicate, and to organize making life just a little less stressful. Computers are great for the future of our world and will be greatly needed as we have many more things to discover in the near future and beyond. People may complain and argue that computers are just too much but they will see the truth when life needs more organization ,more communication and more education. Yes we could survive without computers, but the truth is… do we want to when we realize just what a computer can do for us.Computers are a central data base with thousands of resources instruments and tools that can help change the way we live.

Yes we can use books and other resources to learn, but isn’t it nice to highlight the facts we need to know and take out the rest. Furthermore I will continue to discuss the reasons why computers are good and why we have not become overly dependent on them. Dependency is a strong word. I find it to mean almost total reliance on something.

People do not have total reliance on computers.I think the average person who owns a computer uses it just enough to balance his or her lives in a correct manner. To some people they call that too much dependence? Let me give you some valuable reasons we should not deny our rights to use a computer as much as we want without being called too dependent. Computers immerse us with facts and information.

Computers can offer ways of learning, through search engines such as Google or Wikipedia. They can update us on the latest worldly news. We can learn new words and data we have never known before.Our brains have so much capacity to be filled, and computers can help fill it.

We can’t all start to believe that a creation that will help us develop new ideas and build a better future can hurt us. Yes computers have their ups and downs their positives and negatives, but can we see past the worst and acknowledge the fact that this instrument, this resource that contains more information than you can imagine was created for us, so we can move forward in life and build a better future. Imagine if computers were destroyed; thousands of informative data would be gone and taken away from our lives.

We have literally recorded our history all in one network, and have access to it when we want. Computers have a great capacity for intelligence, but we can use them for so many other things to make our lives less stressful and more organized. Though information is key computers help us socialize with family and friends. We can speak through electronic mail, talk through video, chat live online, and share pictures and memories with each other. Contacting has been advanced to a level of speed and simplictiy.

They have moved communication to a level of fun and entertainment for all.Computers still have many more ways of entertaining. People are able to stream the web for videos of sports, shows, and anything you can imagine. We can play games to have fun on a boring day.

We can search for our favorite sports teams’ record, stats or score…. Even get updated with live footage. We can even purchase items and clothing.. almost anything online with a computer.

There is so much a computer can do for a human. They have literally shaped lives of others. There is much more that a computer can do. Computers help us do our work, whether a student or an employee.

We can do school assignments, essays, and PowerPoint’s. While doing work, we can organize everything into electronic folders and documents. This just makes our already stressful lives a little at ease. Though computers help us, many times we do not realize the huge contributions they make.

We have been using computers for advancing medicine. They help track weather and threatening storms ahead of time. They help track natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions. They help track national security threats.These contributions are very helpful as our society has experienced many crises throughout history? Now think, think about all the positive things I just showed you and let them sink in your mind. Now think how much you use a computer. Are you too dependent on it? Is it hurting you? Are you at risk for using a computer to much? We weren’t given this great invention to throw our lives away.

No, it was created for the good, and we have used it for the good. There are only so many exceptions of people who abuse computer usage. It’s not good enough to say we are dependent.

I say let’s use the computer as much as possible. Let’s gain information, let’s have fun, let’s communicate. We are the future! Our future needs computers to progress.

Don’t let people tell you what is right from wrong, you decide for yourself. We need computers as bad as it may sound to some people. Go on and gain information, talk with your friends, and don’t forget to do your homework! The day we stand up and say we accept this gift given from a genius, we will learn the truth that computers are great. We can use them for so many things in our lives, yet some people call using them for so many things dependency.

It’s not dependency; it’s a helpful resource that can do so much for us. We will need computers for our future, so let’s not be ashamed of using them! You, at times, had problems with your pronouns—you switched back and forth between persons (it—them; you— we) Keep them the same person in a paragraph. You essay is informative but needs power to be a persuasive speech. When you present your essay, present it with enthusiasm, so that you can persuade the class. Also you needed to highlight the 5 styles of sentences that Patrick Henry used.

Grade: 90%


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