Taxes on Alcopops

Thesis Statement: “High taxes on alcopops are a unnecessary and an ineffective way to stop binge drinking. ” Introduction: Alcohol and its consumption are an accepted and enjoyable part of Australian culture, with a long history and deep social and cultural roots.

However, attitudes toward alcohol are also complex and evidence of significant alcohol-related harm to individuals and communities demands a concerted and effective response.Harmful and excessive consumption of alcohol is influenced by a complex set of social, cultural, environmental and economic factors. There is a large debate over the taxation of ‘Alcopops’ – pre-mixed drinks. In the hope that raising the taxes would lower binge drinking, especially directed at teenagers There are different kinds of taxes, income tax, property tax, and sales taxes are just a few. These taxes are gathered so schools can be run, roads can be built, and other services can be provided. It takes millions of dollars to build a road.

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Along time ago in Athens it was relieves no one man can build all the roads, so together they joined there funds through taxes for the greater good. And roads were built and later the public was educated. Without taxes not one of us would of have a formal education. Not only does taxes provide for public education and roads, it provides for police and the fire department. The police and fire department are run by our taxes.

Without them how would we put of house fires, and how would stop the criminals. Taxes are important, but there are reasonable amounts of how much tax should be on certain items. Alcohol like many other items is taxes.

Alcohol has moderate/high taxes depending on which type you buy. The level of alcohol consumption in Australia has not changed over the past 20 years – even among young drinkers; the majority of RTD consumers are not teens, but aged in their 30s and 40s. But there is so much talk at the moment about young people drinking. Could this be just a publicity topic to take the spotlight away from something else the government doesn’t really want us knowing? RTDs were already taxed at rates significantly higher than other drinks and drinkers facing price rises revert to cheaper alternatives like beer and wine.Or are buying even more alcohol in straighter spirits bottles, trying to get more for each dollar.

It is also time for Australians to accept that a tax on RTDs of 84 cents a standard drink – which is 47 to 78 cents a standard drink higher than the tax applied to beer and wine – is illogical and will achieve limited, if any, long-term benefits. If people want a drink, they will buy one regardless of the price. The Greens have finally taken an interest in tackling our culture of binge drinking but they’re going about it the wrong way. Raising prices is simply not achieving anything but more money for who is selling it.

Taxes on alcopops are an unnecessary tax and ineffective way to stop binge drinking. Senator Fielding has stated that said over the last 10 years more than 3000 Australians have died every year of alcohol-induced conditions. “If 3000 people died on our roads every year the Government would be doing everything in its power to cut that figure,” Senator Fielding said. But putting on an extra tax on fuel, cars or licences will not stop it. With the prices of alcopops that many people enjoy drinking going up there is also a chance that more people could turn to cheap drugs like marijuana or ecstacy or could take both drugs and alcohol.Would the government prefer people buying alcopops or explicit and illegal drugs? One of the many assumed problems by alcopops is that teenagers are buying them and drinking too much alcohol.

If this is so a better alternative to the ineffective tax price increase would be to raise the legal drinking age in Australia. There has been much debate about this topic and the current prime minister also agrees that this would be a good decision. It will be an effective way to cut down drinking by younger people. Another issue about the tax increase is why where the prices of other alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine not raised?Beer and wine are highly in the social and culturalism of Australia. The weekend comes around and you get invited for a barbeque and a few beers. With beer it is usually bought in cases of 24 cans or glass bottles, where as alcopops are usually sold in 4 packs.

It is clear that alcopops are not the worst available drinks or most subjected to binge drinking. It seems taxes have just been raised in a way to get more money for the government. If this is so it would be more fair to equally raise the tax on all alcoholic drinks to an acceptable level.It should be cheaper to buy a 4 pack of mixed fizzy drink and alcohol than strong, straight spirits and liquer that is usually not poured in standard measurements. All alcohol has risks and people will still continue to buy it if prices continue to rise. But people will still choose to consume it.

There needs to be a more appropriate and effective solution to try to put a stop to binge drinking. Or should we reconsider if binge drinking if really a problem in Australia? Or is it an acceptable drinking level sustained by the social and cultural life in Australia? The legal age to consume or buy alcohol in Australia is 18.Which is lower than countries like America with a legal age to consume and buy alchohol of 21. If the legal age in Australia was changed to 21 there would be alot less stress over the safety of young people and drinking. Because as the government says it doesn’t want young people “ turning a night out into a nightmare” Alcohol causes many injuries and deaths each day. People just have to realise this danger when they drink and take responsibility for themselves and others around them.

Also drinking responsibly by watching how many standard drinks they are consuming to ensure they are not drinking themselves in danger.Claire Flood, a 23 year old woman who works in a bottle shop, said she knew many people who would now buy a bottle of spirits and mix their own drinks instead of buying alcopops, “which I think is probably more dangerous than the standard drink . . . because it’s not a standard measure”. Further more the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia has spoken in support of mandating of the collection of alcohol sales data, ‘…considered essential in the evaluation of community initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm and the effects of liquor licensing changes’ (ADCA Media Release 2008).Internationally, similar calls for a stronger evidence base have been made in the European Union (Centre for Public Health, 2009).

Hence, there is a clear need for improved access to, and quality of, comprehensive, publicly available wholesale and retail alcohol sales data to assist modelling and enhanced policy development in relation to alcohol consumption patterns. High taxes on alcopops are an ineffective and unnecessary tax.References http://www. theage. com. au/news/national/alcopops-kapow/2008/04/27/1209234656438.

html http://www. smh. com. au/news/national/tax-on-alcopops-sets-off-alcohol-lobby-war/2008/06/11/1212863740798. html

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